Anchor in the Storm – World War II Destroyer Tour

Destroyer Tour vertFor over one hundred years, destroyers have served as versatile naval workhorses. In World War II, US destroyers escorted convoys, hunted submarines, fought surface battles, bombarded shore positions, rescued downed airmen and stranded sailors, and served as radar pickets to detect and fight incoming kamikaze flights.

In my new novel Anchor in the Storm, Ens. Arch Vandenberg serves on a fictional Gleaves-class destroyer, the USS Ettinger. While researching the Waves of Freedom series, I visited two World War II destroyers, the Fletcher-class USS Cassin Young at the Charlestown Navy Yard in Boston and the Gearing-class USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. at Battleship Cove in Fall River, MA. Follow the links for a photo-tour of a World War II destroyer:

Part 1—Topside: the various destroyer classes, and a bow-to-stern tour of the main deck.

Part 2—Below Decks: living quarters and working stations.

Part 3—Gunnery

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  1. Andrea Cox

    Lovely tour, Sarah! What fun field trips you have. 🙂