Announcing a New Column

Good news for all of you who are involved in women’s ministries or who are authors. My friend Laura Wrede has started a new women’s ministry column in the Examiner, a national on-line newspaper. Please read her letter below:

My name is Laura Wrede and I have been writing for Examiner.com as a Travel writer for some time and was recently assigned the “National Women’s Ministry” column due to my education and experience (but most of all, I believe…God’s directing).

I feel I have been allowed the unique opportunity to take advantage of writing for a secular publication (with over 7 million readers and climbing) and offering a place where woman, who follow my column, can share their Christian worldview (this gives them a larger voice than a personal blog might).

I am creating a “guest spot” for authors and writers where I will highlight their work, ministry, and thoughts on what is relevant to today’s Christian Woman. If they have a personal website or blog, I would include a linkback in the source section.

In general this column is for all women who want to share their comments and be part of a larger online community where not everyone is Christian (a good testimony opportunity).

The way that examiner works is by popularity. The more people who look at the articles, subscribe and comment, the more popular that column is. The more popular…the more often it is found on the home page- page one where all see it, not just Christians searching for Christ focused reading. What an amazing witness opportunity!

Right now, the most read (popular) columns on examiner.com in the “Religion category” under “Lifestyles” are the Atheist columnist and the Humanist columnist!

I want to change that! And I need women like you to show the world that God is still alive and well and flourishing in the US. As Christians, we tend to stick to Christian publications, but miss the opportunity to give voice to our faith among the world!

From you and others, I am looking for the following:

1. Subscribe and follow the articles and Twitter them. Invite all your social contacts, friends, family, church members, etc. to do the same.
2. Comment on the content so that others can benefit from your point of view.
3. Suggest relevant topics concerning Women’s ministry and Women’s issues that you would like to see in print (emailed to me)
4. Suggest authors that deserve to have the spotlight on them for their work. The authors do not necessarily have to be well known, nationally published authors. In fact, we prefer to showcase little known, yet promising authors. If you feel that describes you, please do not be shy, tell me about you! (emailed to me)
5. Suggest a story of someone you know that would be an inspiration to other women in their faith (emailed to me).
6. Put a link to the column on your blog with a little blurb and invite others to subscribe.

I can only reach out to others, tell them about the opportunity, write what I beleive God wants me to share in the articles, and answer emails. I cannot do this alone, but together we can do it.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in? If so just pass on the instructions and link to others…spread the word and email me if you have any thing to share. Here is a link to one of my articles to check out.


Thank you so much for your interest and help in spreading the word. I look forward to hearing from you.

God Bless you,
Laura Wrede
National Women’s Ministry Writer, Examiner.com