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Today in World War II History

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Veterans Day 2021 (US Department of Veterans Affairs)

Veterans Day 2021

At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, the First World War came to an end. The Armistice was signed for the War to End All Wars, but peace was built on a shoddy foundation, and war returned, nastier than ever. The end of the Second World War brought the United Nations and the promise of rational negotiation and eternal peace. Instead the nuclear era introduced the tense decades of the Cold War, f... Read Article

Another Contract – Three New World War II Novels!

I’m thrilled to announce that in July I signed another contract with Revell Books for three more World War II novels! These stories will each stand alone, not as part of a series – although there is a family connection. I’ll be returning to Britain to tell the stories of three cousins who escape from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom in World War II—for three very different reasons. These will be ... Read Article
Sweet Cranberries by Sherry Kyle

Sweet Cranberries by Sherry Kyle

Amanda Richards has a going-nowhere job and a nosy mother determined to marry her off. So when her aunt and uncle ask Amanda to take over their beloved Blue Crab Café, Amanda leaps at the chance at a fresh start – and on her favorite island of Nantucket. But the changes she wants to make to the café rub the locals the wrong way – especially handsome electrician Tyler Adams. Tyler is finally managing to ... Read Article
Rose Among Thornes by Terrie Todd

Rose Among Thornes by Terrie Todd

In 1941 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Rose Onishi is well on her way to fulfilling her life’s goal of becoming a concert pianist. But after Pearl Harbor, Canada rounds up all people of Japanese descent and places them in bleak internment camps. Rose’s family is then sent inland to Manitoba to work on a sugar beet farm. The Thorne family treats them well, but their housing is rustic and the city dwellers... Read Article
Make It Do - Stocking Shortages in World War II - on Sarah Sundin's blog

Make It Do – Stocking Shortages in World War II

For American women in World War II, a shortage of stockings was a minor inconvenience, but it did affect daily life. Before the war, no well-dressed woman was seen in public without hose, and silk stockings were a necessary part of every woman’s wardrobe. Nylons Introduced Nylon was invented by DuPont in 1938, and nylon stockings were demonstrated at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. When they came on the market na... Read Article

When Twilight Breaks in Target Stores – Reader Photo Contest!

  I am so excited to announce that When Twilight Breaks is now available in Target stories nationwide! This is my first book to be sold in Target! If you haven’t read the book yet, or if you were thinking of buying a copy for a birthday or Christmas gift, why not buy one at your local Target?   To celebrate, I’m holding a photo contest! Head to your local Target store and take a photo of the boo... Read Article
A Tapestry of Light by Kimberly Duffy

A Tapestry of Light by Kimberly Duffy

Half-English and half-Indian, Ottilie Russell doesn’t fit in either culture in Calcutta in 1886. Life has become more difficult since the death of her mother, and Ottilie just manages to support her beloved grandmother and her little brother Thaddeus through her skill with beetle-wing embroidery. Then her English grandmother, whom Ottilie has never met, sends an intriguing young man named Everett Scott to Calcu... Read Article
No Journey Too Far by Carrie Turansky

No Journey Too Far by Carrie Turansky

In 1919, Grace Hamilton is being prepared by her wealthy parents to make her debut in Toronto society. But Grace longs to find information about the family she remembers as a little girl – when she was shipped from England to Canada with the British Home Children and separated from her brother and sisters. Her parents, however, insist she lie about her background for fear that the stigma against the British Hom... Read Article
Until Leaves Fall in Paris by Sarah Sundin

Until Leaves Fall in Paris – Cover Reveal!

Two Americans in Nazi-occupied Paris. A war divides them. A bookstore unites them. Today I’m pleased to reveal the cover for my upcoming novel, Until Leaves Fall in Paris, which is scheduled to release from Revell Books on February 1, 2022. This is the second of three standalone novels, each following Americans living in Nazi Europe before and during World War II. Until Leaves Fall in Paris is now available for... Read Article

On This Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, we remember those who gave their lives in defense of our country. We live in freedom because they fought tyranny. We live without fear because they faced danger. We live in comfort because they gave up all comforts. We live because of their sacrifices.   Let’s never take these gifts for granted. They were purchased at high cost. Over 1 million Americans have given their lives in war (Source:... Read Article
Until Leaves Fall In Paris
“Sundin is a master at her craft, and avid readers will devour this in one sitting.”
—Library Journal starred review

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