Today in World War II History – January 16, 1945

65 Years Ago—January 16, 1945: The Battle of the Bulge ends as US First and Third Armies meet in Houffalize, Belgium, cutting off the tip of the Bulge, but trapping few Germans. Hitler enters his bunker under the Chancellery and will never leave Berlin again.

Today in World War II History – January 15, 1945

65 Years Ago—January 15, 1945: Japanese launch drive toward isolated US 14th Air Force bases in eastern China and the Hengyang-Canton railroad. In the US, a nationwide dim-out is ordered to conserve fuel.

The Faces of Haiti

The whole world is devastated by the news from Haiti. We can’t fathom the suffering and loss of life piled on top of the difficulties this impoverished nation already endures.

I wanted to show you the faces of Haiti – before the quake – so we know who we’re praying for. Each year my husband, Dave, goes to Haiti with a group of men from our church to help with construction at a village school which also feeds hundreds of orphans every day. He’s grown to love these people deeply.

These people are more than dust-covered faceless victims – they are God’s beloved children. Look at these faces. Pray for these people and countless more like them. And pray for God to perform a mighty work in this country.

Today in World War II History – January 12, 1940 & 1945

70 Years Ago—January 12, 1940: Movie premiere of The Shop Around the Corner with Jimmy Stewart & Margaret Sullavan.

65 Years Ago—January 12, 1945: Soviets launch offensive across Vistula River in Poland.

Today in World War II History – January 10, 1940

70 Years Ago—January 10, 1940: A Luftwaffe officer mistakenly lands in Belgium carrying plans for the German invasion of the west scheduled to start January 17; Germans forced to make new plans.

Today in World War II History – January 8, 1940 & 1945

70 Years Ago—January 8, 1940: In Britain, ration books are introduced as program expands—each person to receive 4 oz of bacon or ham, 8 oz of butter, and 12 oz of sugar weekly.

65 Years Ago—January 8, 1945: Japanese execute Filipino resistance leader Colonel Pastor Martelino.