Book Beat – A Match Made in Texas

What happens when a young lady does dual duty in performing good deeds and matchmaking? In A Match Made in Texas, an anonymous do-gooder helps three women in town – and then finds herself on the receiving end of the matchmaking.

In A Cowboy Unmatched by Karen Witemeyer, Neill Archer arrives in Dry Gulch, Texas looking for work. An anonymous note sends him to pregnant widow Clara Danvers, whose no-good late husband left her a dilapidated cabin she can’t maintain. Neill indeed finds work…and much more.
In An Unforeseen Match by Regina Jennings, Grace O’Malley is losing her eyesight and her sense of worth. Clayton Weber is just passing through Dry Gulch on his way to a land rush, but a classified ad mysteriously slipped into his saddlebags points him to short-term work at Grace’s cabin…but Clayton’s hiding a secret.
In No Match for Love by Carol Cox, cultured Lucy Benson is in desperate need – desperate enough to consider the proposal of an annoying suitor. When her pastor tells her of an Andrew Simms, who is looking for a companion for his elderly aunt, it seems like an answered prayer. However, Lucy finds the job more than she expected, the aunt is a handful…and Andrew? Well, he’s not so sure about the whole situation.
In Meeting Her Match by Mary Connealy, Hannah Taylor, the town’s behind-the-scenes matchmaker, is cast out of her family home and makes do in an unpleasant little room in town. Shy Mark Whitfield adores Hannah but can’t tell her how he feels. Suddenly Hannah becomes the recipient of the townspeople’s matchmaking scheme – but will it backfire?
A Match Made in Texas is a delightful combination of stories, tied together neatly. Each story is very well-written, with interesting characters, intriguing story premises, and humor. Fans of any one of these authors will enjoy the collection – and discover some wonderful new authors to read.

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