Book Beat – As Love Blooms by Lorna Seilstad

As Love BloomsTessa Gregory is a woman of many interests, but now she knows horticulture is the path for her. If only her family didn’t dismiss this as another flight of Tessa’s high-flying fancy. If only the director of Como Park hadn’t refused to hire her. If only she didn’t have such a knack for getting in trouble. When Reese King, one of the horticulturists at the park, takes an interest in Tessa’s designs – and in Tessa – and gives her an undercover chance to make her dream come true, Tessa jumps in wholeheartedly. Even if it means more trouble.

As Love Blooms completes Lorna Seilstad‘s delightful series on the Gregory Sisters. Anyone who enjoyed When Love Calls or While Love Stirs will be eager to read about the high-spirited, precocious youngest sister. But reading the earlier books in the series isn’t necessary to enjoy this novel. As always, Lorna Seilstad tells an engaging story with characters you really want to know in real life, topped with a swirl of humor. The historical research is just right, showing us Minneapolis’s high society in 1913 and the movement that brought so many great parks to America’s cities in that time period. Please don’t miss this book!