Book Beat – Burning Sky by Lori Benton

Willa Obenchain is caught between two worlds. Kidnapped by Mohawks when she was a girl, Willa is now returning to her home. But her family is dead, and the farm is about to be confiscated and sold since her parents were suspected Tory sympathizers during the American Revolution. On the edge of the property, she finds Neil MacGregor, a badly injured botanist, and she nurses him back to health. Willa and Neal struggle to make the farm profitable so can afford to purchase it herself – and to survive the winter. Meanwhile, her childhood friend Richard Waring is bent on winning Willa and the farm for himself, but something cold in his eyes makes her wary.

Burning Sky by Lori Benton is a lushly written novel of life in early America. Willa’s finely drawn character and her torn loyalties between white and native culture are fascinating, and Neil is an engaging hero, thoughtful and brave. Beautiful writing, a well-researched setting, and a gripping story make this a novel not to be missed! I highly recommend it.

*Bonus review: My daughter loved it too!

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  1. Clanskye

    Ooh, this sounds excellent!
    (Although I first misread “lushly written” as “lusty”…!!)