Book Beat – By the Light of the Silvery Moon by Tricia Goyer

Be still my heart! A shipboard romance, a prodigal son, Tricia Goyer’s rich historical research, and all the Titanic’s lushness and impending doom—By the Light of the Silvery Moon is everything a historical romance novel should be.

Amelia Gladstone is thrilled to board the Titanic, knowing her beloved cousin and a respectable suitor await her on the other side of the Atlantic. Always drawn to help those in need, Amelia is moved to give an extra ticket to a filthy man in rags. However, Quentin Walpole is not what he seems. Amelia finds herself in the middle of a love quadrangle with this prodigal son, his older brother, and her intended suitor. As the Titanic steams toward her fate, Amelia and Quentin explore their faith, their pasts, and their hearts.

Tricia Goyer is one of my favorite novelists, and this book delighted me. Goyer’s storytelling and research shine, and the characters are truly engaging. Most importantly, this story truly touched and moved me. I highly recommend it.

3 Responses to “Book Beat – By the Light of the Silvery Moon by Tricia Goyer”

  1. Michelle

    I have a love/hate relationship with Titanic stories, because I know that a least some of the characters in the book aren’t going to have a happy ending.

  2. Sarah Sundin

    Michelle – I understand. I still haven’t seen “Titanic” for that reason 🙂 Sometimes that sense of “I know something bad is going to happen” can actually take away suspense, because you hold back and don’t invest in the characters. I didn’t find this to be true for “By the Light of the Silvery Moon” because the characters were so completely likeable and engaging.