Book Beat – Carry Me Home by Dorothy Adamek

Adamek bookA properly raised British lady, Finella Mayfield arrives in Australia in 1875, expecting to marry a respectable pastor. However, she’s met at the pier by the pastor’s friend, Shadrach Jones. The pastor is dying, and Shadrach promised to watch over Finella…to marry her.

Shadrach takes Finella to his farm to watch his “simple” sister, Molly, while he lives in an outbuilding. Appalled at the rustic and muddy conditions, Finella can’t wait to return to England. But will Shadrach’s kind heart and Molly’s giving spirit win her over?

In Carry Me Home, Dorothy Adamek gives a familiar tale a fresh Australian twist. With gripping characters, a playful romance, delightful writing, and heart-rending moments, this novel held me tight and wouldn’t let me go. Why, this gifted writer even makes mud romantic! A sterling debut!

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  1. Dorothy Adamek

    Hi Sarah, thanks so much for your wonderful endorsement of Carry Me Home and your heartfelt support along the road to publication. 🙂