Book Beat – Catching the Wind, by Melanie Dobson

dobson-catching-windIn Germany in 1940, young Dietmar and Brigitte lose themselves in tales of knights and princesses, but when the Gestapo comes for their parents, the two friends flee for their lives.

In modern-day London, reporter Quenby Vaughn is deep in her investigation of a powerful British family that might have had Fascist connections during World War II. Then solicitor Lucas Hough contacts her. Lucas’s elderly client, Daniel Knight, is searching for the little girl he was separated from during the war – and Mr. Knight believes Quenby is the person to find her.

As Quenby and Lucas delve into Daniel and Brigitte’s stories, surprising connections arise, and Quenby is forced to face the demons in her own past. Can she open her heart and trust – and can she help the knight find his lost princess?

Intricate and lyrical, Catching the Wind tells intertwining stories of lost souls and faithful hearts. Once again, Melanie Dobson pens a novel full of fascinating historical detail and characters as real as your best friends – and worst enemies. Engrossing, beautiful, and thoughtful, this is a novel to be savored.

4 Responses to “Book Beat – Catching the Wind, by Melanie Dobson”

  1. Paula S

    I really like historicals that have a connection to the present. This sounds intriguing.

  2. Dianne Bumgarner

    I really agree with Paula 5. I love historical novels especially of the WWII time period.

  3. Shirley

    I love historical fiction especially if it has a WWII tie. This one sounds amazing.