Book Beat – Delivered with Love

Several years ago at Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference, I met Sherry Kyle. She and I both hoped to be published, and have since navigated the world of being contracted and then debut authors together.

This fall her debut book, The Christian Girl’s Guide to Style came out (see my review here: Christian Girl’s Guide to Style), and this month her debut novel, Delivered with Love, released.
In Delivered with Love, we meet Claire James. After her mother dies, Claire inherits her mother’s ’72 Volkswagen Bug – and a mysterious love letter to her mother. Out of work, Claire heads to Capitola, California to find the author of the letter and learn more about her mother’s past. In Capitola, Claire meets handsome Blake Coombs, stressed-out realtor Michael Thompson, and Michael’s mother Geraldine – eighty-going-on-eighteen. As Claire investigates the old letter, secrets unravel…and so do lives.
The cover screams cute beach read, and Delivered with Love is definitely that – you can smell the surf and the interior of that ’72 VW. But it’s so much more. Sherry Kyle writes from the heart. I cared deeply for the characters as they grappled with identity, forgiveness, and whether or not to reveal their own transgressions. This is a touching story, and I’m looking forward to more novels from Sherry Kyle.

3 Responses to “Book Beat – Delivered with Love”

  1. Sherrykyle

    Thank you so much for having me on your blog today, Sarah! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the book.

  2. Jill Kemerer

    How cool is it that you two met at conference and shared a similar journey? I’m writing this book down!