Book Beat – Emissary by Thomas Locke

Guest blogger Matthew Sundin

Guest blogger Matthew Sundin

EmissaryToday I have a special guest blogger – my 16-year-old son, Matthew! As a great lover of the fantasy genre, Matthew seemed like the ideal reader for Thomas Locke’s new novel, Emissary. And he is. He gobbled it up in a day. And now I turn the blog over to Matthew…










Emissary, a Fantasy/Adventure, coming-of-age story by Thomas Locke, follows the adventures of a 21-year-old man named Hyam. After a traumatic youth and his mother’s death, Hyam is sent to visit the mythical and mysterious Ashanta race to deliver grave news. During his time there, he is asked (or forced) to become the emissary for the Ashanta people, to inform their allies and to be there on their behalf. Along his journey he endures trials, recruits allies of his own, struggles with his heritage and discovers a power he can barely even fathom.

The story is well written and very enthralling. The story following Hyam leaves you with a sense of wonder, but has enough realistic properties that it does not become insanity. Though the story is meant for a younger audience, members of an older audience could still find enjoyment in reading this book. Through and through, Emissary is a great story and a good read. I recommend this story to lovers of adventure and fantasy.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell in exchange for my honest review.