Book Beat – Flame of Resistance by Tracy Groot

What would you do if you lived in a land where no one could trust anyone? Where a single misspoken word could lead to death?

Tracy Groot’s Flame of Resistance explores life in Nazi-occupied France shortly before the Allied D-Day invasion of 1944. American pilot Tom Jaeger is shot down over France, and the “Flame”  Resistance cell convinces him to use his Aryan looks to pose as a German officer. Brigitte Durand plays the biblical role of Rahab the prostitute, running a brothel for Germans, but secretly supporting the Resistance. Tom and Brigitte team up to pass on Nazi secrets – at high cost.

The desciption of life in Nazi-occupied France is vivid and shocking, with civilians desperate for food and never knowing whom to trust. The author also gives a nuanced view of the German occupiers – from the evil to the conflicted to the quietly heroic.

Because of its realism and grit, including scenes of torture and the brothel setting, I would not recommend this book to younger or more sensitive readers.

Overall, Flame of Resistance is a moving story that raises challenging questions about redemption, perceptions, and the cost of doing the right thing in an evil world. I highly recommend it.

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