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Book Beat – Free to Lean by Jocelyn Green

Free to Lean by Jocelyn GreenPerhaps you’ve done one of these things…

  • Agreed to do something you’re not good at just to please others.
  • Taken on a hobby or activity you hate because your friends are doing it.
  • Felt empty and unfulfilled because you’re not doing what you’re meant to do.

In Free to Lean: Making Peace with Your Lopsided Life, Jocelyn Green states that this can happen from misunderstanding the concept of balance. We think a balanced life means doing all things and well. This leads to stress and a lack of purpose and meaning in our lives.

What if we gave up trying to be “balanced” and leaned into our God-given purposes, focusing our time and energy on what He created us to do?

This book spoke to me. Not only did it beautifully summarize the kinds of lessons I learned the hard way in my younger years (disclaimer: some of my stories are quoted), but this book took those lessons deeper. Watching whose standards we keep. Giving ourselves grace when we feel to meet those standards. And most of all, leaning on God so we know our purpose and have peace with the decisions we make – even when they displease others.

Jocelyn Green’s writing is both open and friendly, yet deep and convicting. I strongly recommend this book to any woman who feels she doesn’t measure up. Who feels empty and unfulfilled. Who feels tugged in a thousand directions. So…that would be all of us, huh? Enjoy the leaning.

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