Book Beat – Grounded Hearts by Jeanne Dickson

Grounded Hearts by Jeanne DicksonWhen Canadian “Dutch” Whitney bails out of his damaged RAF bomber in February 1941, he’s glad to land on solid ground…alive. But he’s landed in neutral Ireland and by law, he’ll be interned in an Irish camp for the duration of the war. Somehow he needs to make his way across the border to Northern Ireland so he can return to duty.

Widowed midwife Nan O’Neill is stunned to find an injured pilot at her cottage door. And a shockingly attractive pilot at that. Her duties as a nurse require her to tend his wounds, but her duties as an Irishwoman require her to turn Dutch in to the Garda for internment. Her compassion prevails, and she hides Dutch in her cottage while he heals. But when Nan attempts to get her car fixed so Dutch can escape, will she unwittingly alert the villagers to her secret flyboy?

Grounded Hearts by Jeanne Dickson is a romantic and compelling tale. The details on wartime life in neutral Ireland are fascinating, and the village is filled with a charmingly humorous populace. Dutch and Nan are appealing characters with depth, and their relationship sizzles as they both find healing. Exciting, romantic, funny…don’t miss Grounded Hearts! I loved this book.

2 Responses to “Book Beat – Grounded Hearts by Jeanne Dickson”

  1. Carol Alscheff

    Sounds like a book that I would enjoy reading. Thank you for the review. I always enjoy your books and I am looking forward to the next one.

  2. Dianne Bumgarner

    It sounds just like something I would love!! I look forward to getting it !