Book Beat – Light That Fractures

Light That Fractures by Marcy WeydemullerGeena Morisi’s life hasn’t turned out as she expected. Raising her baby niece after the tragic death of Geena’s twin sister a few months earlier, Geena has put her art studies on hold. Now as the New Year begins, Geena makes a choice to set aside her bitterness and anger for little Ana’s sake. But when a suspicious check arrives in the mail, Geena’s world is thrown into turmoil again.

Light That Fractures is the first in a series of novellas by Marcy Weydemuller that tells of six women leaning on each other and learning to lean on the Lord. Geena’s story is a lovely introduction. The Morisi family is warm and real, and Geena’s struggle with bitterness and forlorn dreams draws you in and touches your heart. Weydemuller writes with heart and depth. Please don’t miss the first novella in the White Stones series.