Book Beat – Lightbearer by Marcy Weydemuller

LightbearerFor many years, I’ve been hoping to feature this book on my blog. Marcy Weydemuller was one of the first people I met on my writing journey, and she has become a dear friend, critique partner, and brainstorming buddy. Her knowledge of story and her lyrical writing have always impressed and inspired me.

About a decade ago, Marcy sent me home with a manuscript for her mythic fantasy novel, Lightbearer, so my teen son and I could read it. The story entranced me – and Stephen stayed up way past his bedtime and declared it the best book he’d ever read! Fantasy has always been a hard sell in the Christian market, so Marcy was thrilled to finally receive a contract for this book of her heart.

Here’s the story blurb:

In the mythic land of Lorica, prophecies lie forgotten beneath the dust of time. What remains is myth and legend intertwined with history. Except in High Valley where eons before a remnant found refuge. There the faithful tend the flame of truth and protect the ancient scrolls, although none are left with knowledge to read them.

Jolted by a stranger’s piercing remarks, Jonne discovers his call to the ancient vocation of Lightbearer—among this faithful community who stand as watchmen for El Olam, God everlasting. Jonne must wrestle with doubts and opposition to answer timeless questions about his purpose and identity in the world. When the darkness returns, will he be ready?

Although I haven’t read this book in years, it has stuck with me. Marcy Weydemuller infuses this lovely story with mythic elements and beautiful writing. The novel is appropriate for upper elementary up through adults. I highly recommend Lightbearer and look forward to more in the Lorica Prophecies series.