Book Beat – Love in the Balance by Regina Jennings

In Love in the Balance by Regina Jennings, pretty Molly Lovelace finds herself in a quandary. Molly was raised by her wealthy parents to attract an even wealthier husband, but the only man who turns her head is penniless cowboy Bailey Garner. When dashing Edward Pierrepont arrives in her small Texas town – everything the Lovelaces want for their daughter – Molly doesn’t know which way is up. A moment of recklessness, a rash decision, and Molly’s life is completely out of balance. Can she decide what she really wants from life – and is it to late to achieve it?

The stories I like best show characters learning from their mistakes and growing, and that’s exactly what happens in Love in the Balance. Molly starts off self-centered and becomes a woman more concerned with others than with herself. Molly faces the consequences of her actions, not just in her own life but in the lives of others, and learns from them. Regina Jennings’s delightful writing, unexpected plot twists, and intriguing characters drew me in. I highly recommend this novel.

Bonus review! My seventeen-year-old daughter grabbed the book before I could, devoured it, and raved about it.