Book Beat – Love, Lexi by Sherry Kyle

Love, Lexi: Letters to God, by Sherry KyleLexi Cooper is an ordinary twelve-year-old girl, which she hates! She’s a middle child in middle school. She hates her hair, squabbles with her moody older sister and annoying little brother, and has a long-time crush – and a snooty rival. Lexi wants to stand out for once, but her efforts land her in hot water – and some hilarious situations.

Love, Lexi is a novel related in Lexi’s diary-like letters to God. After each’s day’s entry, a short devotional “reply” from God reminds Lexi about biblical truth. Then questions are provided to help the reader connect the lessons to her own life. Sherry Kyle has given tween girls a real treat. Lexi is a realistic and completely relatable girl. Tween girls will feel like they’ve made a new best friend with flaws, foibles, and a great sense of humor. And moms will appreciate Lexi’s kind heart and her willingness to learn. If you have a tween girl in your life, she’ll love Lexi too!