Book Beat – Love’s Sweet Beginning

Cassie Haddon has reached adulthood without any useful skills. Raised to be a lady, she has plenty of refined, cultured skills – but nothing that can support her and her newly widowed mother, now impoverished. Arriving in Noble Springs, Missouri, Cassie takes a job in Jacob West’s restaurant, determined to be useful.

Jacob’s kindness is appreciated by Cassie – but not by her mother, who is convinced that Jacob and his business are beneath her daughter’s level. And Jacob has secrets from his past he’d prefer to keep hidden from the people of Noble Springs – and from his lovely new kitchen help.

I adored Ann Shorey’s new novel, Love’s Sweet Beginning. It was a joy to watch Cassie grow as she learns to make her way in the world and to stand up to her overbearing mother, all with gentle determination. Jacob is an intriguing hero, secretive about his past, guarded with his heart, but strong and generous. With romance and humor, Ann Shorey tells a tale you won’t want to miss. Love’s Sweet Beginning is the third book in the Sisters of the Heart series, but it stands alone. However, you’ll also enjoy the first two novels, Where Wildflowers Bloom and When the Heart Heals!

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