Book Beat – Poison by Jordyn Redwood

Health care professionals often wince at medical inaccuracies in novels, but I knew I wouldn’t have that problem with Jordyn Redwood’s novels. I became acquainted with Jordyn when she started Redwood’s Medical Edge, a blog devoted to helping fiction writers get medical facts straight for their stories. Her seventeen years’ experience in critical care and ER nursing, and her careful eye for detail shine on her blog – and in her newest novel, Poison.

In Poison, Keelyn Blake thinks she’s put her past behind her. Until she’s approached by a man claiming to be Lucent – the name of the hallucination that induced Keelyn’s stepfather to kill most of her family. Now a string of murders strike people associated with that horrid day. Keelyn and the one man who refuses to give up on her trace a baffling trail of evidence toward the killer.

Intense and gripping. From the first swallow, Poison’s potent brew of medical, police, and psychological thrills won’t leave your system. The only antidote is to finish the book—which you’ll do in record time.