Book Beat – Proof by Jordyn Redwood

Health care professionals often wince at medical inaccuracies in novels, but I knew I wouldn’t have that problem with Jordyn Redwood’s debut novel, Proof. I became acquainted with Jordyn when she started Redwood’s Medical Edge, a blog devoted to helping fiction writers get medical facts straight for their stories. Her seventeen years’ experience in critical care and ER nursing, and her careful eye for detail shine on her blog – and in this novel.

I jumped at the chance to read Proof for endorsement. I expected it to be good – but it exceeded my expectations.

In Proof, ER physician Dr. Lilly Reeves and detective Nathan Long deal with the victims of a serial rapist. Despite overwhelming physical proof pointing to one suspect, DNA evidence clears him. But Lilly knows without a doubt that the man is guilty and goes on a dangerous quest to prove it.

A rollercoaster of a story. Jordyn Redwood’s Proof has everything you could want in a thriller—believable characters, a villain who makes your skin crawl, a touch of humor, and a twisting plot—all bound by fascinating medical and scientific details. What a fabulous debut!

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