Book Beat – Secrets She Kept by Cathy Gohlke

Secrets She Kept1972: Hannah Sterling isn’t mourning the death of her mother, Lieselotte. Not at all. The woman was cold and closed and never gave Hannah the love she craved. However, her mother has left her a collection of letters hinting at family secrets and revealing that Hannah has a grandfather in Germany. Determined to fill in the holes in her past, Hannah visits her grandfather.

1938: Lieselotte Sommer, the daughter of a high-ranking Nazi official, has a girlhood crush on family friend Lukas Kirchmann. But as Lieselotte discovers how the Kirchmanns work to help Jews hiding in Berlin, she faces adult-sized, life-and-death decisions.

As Hannah unravels Lieselotte’s story, all she knows about her family becomes upended. And what will she do with that information?

Secrets She Kept by Cathy Gohlke is a sweeping story. The deep characterization, striking settings, and twisting story draw you in and raise poignant questions. If you lived in the claustrophobic terror of Nazi Germany, would you have risked your life – or compromised your values? And if you lived in postwar Germany, how would you deal with your past sin and shame? A lyrical tale of hope and light, even in the darkest places. Don’t miss this book!