Book Beat – The Heart Stone by Sherry Kyle

Jessica MacAllister has worked hard as a single mom to protect her little son, so when his no-good father demands a meeting, Jessica flees to the sanctuary of Santa Cruz, where her beloved Uncle George lives. However, George recently lost his leg to a dangerous infection, has nowhere to live, and is depressed. Handsome firefighter Nick Fuller might be able to solve their housing problem – but he has his own problems to deal with. Meanwhile, widow Evelyn Sweeney finds herself thinking of her long-lost sweetheart…George MacAllister.

One heart-shaped ring binds them together. When these four lives intersect, forgiveness and healing and reconciliation result.

The Heart Stone by Sherry Kyle has a style as breezy as its beachside setting, but makes you think about the boundaries of forgiveness and loyalty. From six-year-old Jacob to George and Evelyn in their sixties, each character is drawn with compassion and understanding, with faults and fears to overcome. And there’s sweet romance and plenty of humor! So add The Heart Stone to your beach bag!

4 Responses to “Book Beat – The Heart Stone by Sherry Kyle”

  1. Ashley Ludwig

    sounds great!!!

    With the Kindle, the beach bag is never full enough! <3 love the premise. Thanks, Sarah!