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Book Beat – The Joy of Letting Go

The Joy of Letting Go, by Vicki CaruanaLetting go is difficult.

As mothers, we work hard to keep our children safe, train them, and guide them. When our children become teenagers and young adults, our urge to protect them from all life’s pain clashes with our duty to see them become independent and productive members of society.

When Vicki Caruana announced the publication of her devotional, The Joy of Letting Go, I was intrigued. In the past seven years, my husband and I have “launched” our three children to college, marriage, and the military. I’ve felt the pain of separation – and the joy of watching them thrive. So I was grabbed from the first page: “We’re holding on to our children for dear life, as if their growing up is our death.”

Wow. I needed to read this book!

In The Joy of Letting Go, the author shares personal anecdotes of life with her growing children as well as from her experience as an educator. She shares the balancing act between intervening and holding back, encouraging moms to gently release their offspring into the world.

With warm realism, thought-provoking questions, and Scripture, The Joy of Letting Go challenges us as mothers, while encouraging and affirming. In an era of “helicopter parenting,” the devotions serve as an excellent reminder that our parenting duty shifts from pure protection to helping our young people gain autonomy and competence. I strongly recommend this book to moms of teens and young adults.

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