Book Beat – The Promise by Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley

For Tom Anderson, his carefully crafted world fell apart the day he lost his job. With an upscale home he can no longer afford and a growing family, Tom decides it’s best to conceal his job loss from his wife, Jean. After all, he’ll be able to find a new job in a heartbeat, right?

However, five months have passed. No job. And lies always have a tendency to come unraveled. When Tom’s deception comes to light, it causes an upheaval in his extended family he never could have anticipated. His relationship with his wife. His relationship with his father. And his relationship with his own son.

In The Promise, Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley continue their fictional exploration of the Anderson family started in The Dance. For all intents and purposes, a normal functional family. But normal functional families often have problems hidden deep inside, revealed only in crisis. This novel delves into issues that often cross generations, but also shows us realistic and sympathetic characters who learn to truly lean on the Lord. I highly recommend this novel.

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