Book Beat – The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn

Tamsen LittlejohnTamsen Littlejohn was raised to be a proper colonial lady, but when her intended appears to be as cruel as her controlling stepfather, she’s desperate to escape her fate. Frontiersman Jesse Bird realizes the danger Tamsen is in and agrees to spirit her into the North Carolina wilderness. However, her stepfather and fiance chase after her, convincing everyone that Tamsen has been abducted. On the run, Tamsen has to adjust to the dangers and difficulties of life on the frontier, and Jesse struggles with lingering questions about his childhood and his identity – and his growing love for Tamsen.

In The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn, Lori Benton has written a gorgeous story. The historical backdrop is well-drawn and unflinchingly realistic. As a cultured young lady, Tamsen is unprepared for the ordeals she faces, but she faces them with fortitude and a willingness to learn. And Jesse is my favorite kind of hero – kind and brave and conflicted. The secret of his past creates an intriguing thread that pulled me even deeper into the story. In this novel, Lori Benton shows that her Christy Award-nominated debut novel, Burning Sky, was no fluke. Savor this book.