Book Beat – When the Heart Heals by Ann Shorey

Rosemary Saxon served as a nurse in the Civil War and wanted nothing more to do with nursing, a profession seen as shameful for a proper lady. But as an unmarried woman, she has no other way to support herself. The new physician in town, Elijah Stewart, takes a chance and hires her, and attraction grows between them. However, Rosemary’s homemade herbal remedies run counter to Elijah’s modern medical training, and these two souls can’t compromise. Meanwhile, someone else in town leaves threatening notes for Rosemary regarding her “witch’s brew.”

In When the Heart Heals, Ann Shorey tells a satisfying love story between two realistic characters. Beneath her prickly exterior, Rosemary is courageously compassionate. And Elijah’s gruff facade conceals a warm and noble heart. Engaging subplots and a town full of characters that feel like friends make the novel a delightful read. I highly recommend it.

5 Responses to “Book Beat – When the Heart Heals by Ann Shorey”

  1. Sarah Sundin

    Noelle – I’m glad you enjoyed it too 🙂

    Ann – It’s fun to see Rosemary’s story again – and all in one piece!