Book Club Beat – Bibliovore Reading List

Seven years of good reading, great friends, and fun! In 2003, two of my friends started a book club. I jumped at the idea and invited my book-reading friends itching for an “excuse” to read. This past month, we decided on a name for our club – the Bibliovores, because we devour books. The membership has changed, but the friendships have remained. In honor of our new name, I’m posting a list of the books we’ve read in the past seven years. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite.

Deception – Randy Alcorn
Deadline – Randy Alcorn
Safely Home – Randy Alcorn
God’s Smuggler – Brother Andrew
The Sister Circle -Vonette Bright
Shadows of Lancaster County – Mindy Starns Clark
The Centurion’s Wife – Davis Bunn & Janette Oke
The Great Divide – T. Davis Bunn
Bad Ground – W. Dale Cramer
Blessed Child – Ted Dekker
Blink – Ted Dekker
Watching the Tree Limbs – Mary DeMuth
River Rising – Athol Dickson
Jamaican Me Crazy – Debbie DiGiovanni
Ella Minnow Pea – Mark Dunn
Peace Like a River – Leif Enger
Daughter of China – C. Hope Flinchbaugh
To End All Wars – Ernest Gordon
Sister Chicks do the Hula – Robin Jones Gunn
My Life as a Doormat – Rene Gutteridge
The Perfect Life – Robin Lee Hatcher
After Anne – Roxanne Henke
A Shred of Evidence – Kathy Herman
Thorn In My Heart – Liz Curtis Higgs
Hurricanes in Paradise – Denise Hildreth
Savannah by the Sea – Denise Hildreth
Savannah Comes Undone – Denise Hildreth
Savannah from Savannah – Denise Hildreth
Like a Watered Garden – Patti Hill
Magdalene – Angela Hunt
Yada Yada Prayer Group – Neta Jackson
Riven – Jerry Jenkins
Beyond Tuesday Morning – Karen Kingsbury
Bryson City Tales – Walt Larimore, MD
Screwtape Letters – C.S. Lewis
In the Footsteps of Jesus – Bruce Marciano
Chasing Fireflies – Charles Martin
Wrapped in Rain – Charles Martin
Blue Heart Blessed – Susan Meissner
The Shape of Mercy – Susan Meissner
The Penny – Joyce Meyer
At the Scent of Water – Linda Nichols
In Search of Eden – Linda Nichols
Home Another Way – Christa Parrish
The Legend of the Firefish – George Bryan Polivka
Her Mother’s Hope – Francine Rivers
The Last Sin Eater – Francine Rivers
Leota’s Garden – Francine Rivers
The Scarlet Thread – Francine Rivers
A Voice in the Wind – Francine Rivers
Healing Sands – Nancy Rue & Steve Arterburn
Healing Stones – Nancy Rue & Steve Arterburn
Quaker Summer – Lisa Samson
Women’s Intuition – Lisa Samson
A Distant Melody – Sarah Sundin
Hadassah – Tommy Tenney
Some Wildflower in My Heart – Jamie Langston Turner
Me, Myself, and Bob – Phil Vischer
Jimmy – Robert Whitlow
Sophie’s Heart – Lori Wick
Rain Song – Alice J. Wisler
If you’d like to join or start a book club, I strongly recommend the Book Club Network (http://www.bookfun.org) an online gathering of Christian book club members, book club leaders, and authors. Some great discussions take place there.
Also, I’m still looking for book clubs who would be interested in participating in Book Club Beat – I send you a short questionnaire about the book you read and post it here – I can even post a group picture if you’d like. For a sample, see my writeup of the Bibliovore’s discussion of Rain Song by Alice J. Wisler – http://www.sarahsundin.com/book-club-beat-rain-song-by-alice-wisler/
What do you think makes a good “book club book”?

2 Responses to “Book Club Beat – Bibliovore Reading List”

  1. Alice J. Wisler

    Thanks, again, Sarah, for posting here about your Book Club Beat. So glad that Rain Song got invited to your club.

    All my novels have recipes and discussion questions in them and I think those attributes add to a book, making it a good book club selection. But then again, I am so biased! 🙂

    ~ Alice J. WIsler
    Author of Rain Song, How Sweet It Is and Hatteras Girl (just out!)

  2. Sarah Sundin

    Alice – you are so right! The discussion questions are a definite bonus. Sometimes that’s the deciding factor in whether we choose a book. And the recipes are a fantastic idea.