Can’t find a book club? Form your own!


Who? If you have two friends who love to read, chances are, they also know two others. You’ll be surprised how quickly a group can form-in fact, you may have to restrict the size. My former group keeps a roster of 10-12 to allow easy discussion.

Where? Some groups rotate, meeting in a different member’s home each month, but some always meet in the same home, while others meet at restaurants, coffee places, libraries, bookstores, or churches.

When? As a group, decide when and how often to meet. Some groups meet in the morning, others in the evening, and some on Saturday afternoons when the husbands can watch the kids.

What? Who chooses the book? Some groups vote on which book to read, but in others, the hostess picks. I was introduced to some of my favorite new authors this way.

How? Food is vital. This can be as simple as dessert, or as involved as a full meal with themed decorations. My former group favors a potluck, with the hostess providing the main course.

Discussion! Sometimes people can’t wait to discuss the book, and other times a little push is needed. Many authors include discussion questions in the back of the book, on the publisher’s website, or on the author’s website.


Also, many authors enjoy speaking with book clubs by phone or internet. I do! Please contact me if you’d like me to speak to your book club via speaker phone or Skype.