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Today in World War II History—April 23, 1941

Logo of the isolationist America First Committee

75 Years Ago—Apr. 23, 1941: King George of Greece and his government evacuated to Crete as Germans advance. Charles Lindbergh speaks to 30,000 in New York, in the first mass meeting of the isolationist America First Committee; condemns Britain for war.

Today in World War II History—April 20, 1941

Luftwaffe bombing Greek battleship Kilkis at Athens, 23 April 1941. (public domain)

75 Years Ago—Apr. 20, 1941: Greek forces in Albania surrender. Luftwaffe launches raid on Athens and Piraeus, sinking five ships—heavy raids will continue for next three days. Riot between Sikhs and Muslims in Bombay, India leads to 400 casualties.

Today in World War II History—April 19, 1941

Firefighters putting out a blaze in London after an air raid during The Blitz in 1941. (US National Archives)

75 Years Ago—Apr. 19, 1941: Luftwaffe sends 712 bombers to London, 449 killed, including 34 firemen, the largest single loss of firefighters in British history. British women ages 20-30 are conscripted for war work; mothers of children under 14 are exempt.

Today in World War II History—April 18, 1941

Troops of the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler negotiating difficult terrain in Greece, 1941 (public domain)

75 Years Ago—Apr. 18, 1941: As Germans advance in Greece, Prime Minister Alexandros Koryzis commits suicide; King George assumes leadership. British & Indian troops land in Basra, Iraq to counteract the new pro-Axis government.

Today in World War II History—April 16, 1941

British schoolchildren wave for the camera as they receive plates of bacon and eggs, imported from America as part of the Lend-Lease program, 1941 (Imperial War Museum)

75 Years Ago—Apr. 16, 1941: First US Lend-Lease food arrives in Britain. British destroyers sink all eight ships in an Axis convoy off Tunisia; 1800 killed.

Today in World War II History—April 15, 1941

Igor Sikorsky in the last version of the VS-300, at the end of 1941 (US government photo)

75 Years Ago—Apr. 15, 1941: Germans take Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. Luftwaffe bombs Belfast, Northern Ireland, killing 758. Igor Sikorsky flies first official rotor helicopter flight, of a Vought-Sikorsky VS-300 in Stratford, CT; flight lasts over one hour.

Today in World War II History—April 14, 1941

75 Years Ago—Apr. 14, 1941: King Peter II and Yugoslavian government escape to Athens. Kaiser shipyards in Richmond, California lay keel for its first ship, the Ocean Vanguard; 747 ships will be built in Richmond.