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Today in World War II History—Nov. 11, 1941

75 Years Ago—Nov. 11, 1941: US Lend-Lease aid expanded to include Free French based in Britain. Australian War Memorial opens in Canberra.

Today in World War II History—Nov. 10, 1941

SB2U Vindicator scout bomber flying anti-submarine patrol over Convoy WS-12X en route for Cape Town, South Africa, 27 Nov 1941; note cruisers USS Vincennes and USS Quincy (US National Archives)

75 Years Ago—Nov. 10, 1941: US Army updates uniform regulations: the Parsons field jacket and M1 steel helmet are added. First US-escorted troop convoy, WS-12X, sails from Halifax, Nova Scotia, for India via Cape Town with 20,000 British troops.

Today in World War II History—Nov. 9, 1941

Italian destroyer Fulmine (public domain via Wikipedia)

75 Years Ago—Nov. 9, 1941: Germans take Yalta in the Crimea. Soviets finish evacuation of 23,000 troops from the Crimea. In Axis “Duisburg” convoy off Malta, Royal Navy sinks Italian destroyers Fulmine and Libeccio and seven German and Italian transports.

Today in World War II History—Nov. 7, 1941

75 Years Ago—Nov. 7, 1941: USSR celebrates anniversary of the Revolution with a parade in Red Square, despite presence of the German army on outskirts of Moscow. US amends Neutrality Act to allow merchant ships to be armed, effective 11/18/41.

Today in World War II History—Nov. 6, 1941

75 Years Ago—Nov. 6, 1941: Japanese military mobilizes. Frostbite begins to appear among German troops in the Soviet Union.

Today in World War II History—Nov. 5, 1941

Emperor Showa (Hirohito), Empress Kojun, and their children, 7 Dec 1941 (public domain via WW2 Database)

75 Years Ago—Nov. 5, 1941: Japanese Imperial Conference, including Emperor Hirohito, decides to go to war against US, UK, and the Netherlands in early December if demands are not met. Joint Board of the US Army and Navy agrees the primary objective is to defeat Germany and avoid war with Japan.

Today in World War II History—Nov. 4, 1941

Franklin D. Roosevelt and Fiorello La Guardia in Hyde Park, 1938 (US National Archives)

75 Years Ago—Nov. 4, 1941: Finns recapture naval base of Hanko, Finland from Soviets. Fiorello La Guardia wins third term as mayor of New York City.

Today in World War II History—Nov. 3, 1941

75 Years Ago—Nov. 3, 1941: Germans take Kursk, Russia. Off Greece, HMS Proteus makes first radar attack by a sub, damaging Italian tanker Tampico. The Last Tycoon by F. Scott Fitzgerald is published posthumously.

Today in World War II History—Nov. 2, 1941

Tatsuta Maru, marked with symbols of safe passage, as seen through the periscope of the submarine USS Kingfish, October 1942 (US Navy photo)

75 Years Ago—Nov. 2, 1941: Tatsuta Maru leaves Honolulu with Japanese nationals leaving the US; the last passenger ship to leave the US for Japan before Pearl Harbor. Pilots of the China National Air Corporation make first flight over the “Hump,” the China-Burma air supply route over the Himalayas.