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Today in World War II History—July 9, 1943

Paratroopers of the US 82nd Airborne Division on a C-47 bound for Sicily, July 1943 (US Army Center of Military History)

75 Years Ago—July 9, 1943: Opening the invasion of Sicily before midnight, British troops land in gliders near Syracuse and paratroopers of US 82nd Airborne Division land near Gela. US Army opens assault on Munda, New Georgia.

Today in World War II History—July 8, 1943

Allied leaders in the Sicilian campaign: Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder, Gen. Sir Harold Alexander, Adm. Sir Andrew B. Cunningham (US Army Center of Military History)

75 Years Ago—July 8, 1943: German Gestapo executes French resistance leader Jean Moulin. Gen. Dwight Eisenhower arrives at Malta, Battle Headquarters for Operation Husky, the upcoming Allied invasion of Sicily. US Seventh Air Force B-24 Liberators from Midway bomb Wake Island in first land-based strike on this island.

Today in World War II History—July 7, 1943

Soviet Il-2 aircraft attacking a German motorized column near Kursk, Russia, Jul 1943 (Russian International News Agency #225)

75 Years Ago—July 7, 1943: In the Battle of Kursk, Soviet Il-2 ground-attack aircraft destroy 70 German tanks in 20 minutes. US Army Air Force Training Command is established, combining Flying and Technical Training Commands, under Maj. Gen. Barton Yount at Fort Worth, Texas.

Today in World War II History—July 6, 1943

SG radarscope image from light cruiser USS Denver showing Battle of Kula Gulf situation at 0117 on 6 Jul 1943 (US Naval History & Heritage Command)

75 Years Ago—July 6, 1943: Battle of Kula Gulf: in Solomon Islands, US ships slow Japanese reinforcement of New Georgia; light cruiser USS Helena and Japanese destroyers Niizuki and Nagatsuki are sunk.

Today in World War II History—July 5, 1943

German Panzer VI/Tiger I tanks in the Battle of Kursk in Orel, Russia, July 1943 (German Federal Archive: Bild 183-J14813)

75 Years Ago—July 5, 1943: Battle of Kursk begins: last major German offensive on eastern front. Actress Betty Grable marries trumpet player and bandleader Harry James.

Today in World War II History—July 4, 1943

Gen. Wladyslaw Sikorski, 1942 (Library of Congress)

75 Years Ago—July 4, 1943: Gen. Wladyslaw Sikorski, leader of Polish government-in-exile and commander of Polish forces, dies in a plane crash at Gibraltar. First residents move into secret city of Oak Ridge TN, built for Manhattan Project workers.

Today in World War II History—July 3, 1943

All-American, a B-17F almost severed in half by a collision over Tunisia. The pilot compensated for the lost and damaged controls and brought the plane home. Miraculously, even the tail gunner survived. (US Air Force photo)

75 Years Ago—July 3, 1943: New song in Top Ten: “Comin’ in on a Wing and a Prayer,” based on stories of US bomber crews in North Africa.

Today in World War II History—July 2, 1943

US War Bond poster promoting the Tuskegee Airmen, WWII

75 Years Ago—July 2, 1943: Allies begin bombing of Sicilian airfields to drive German fighter planes to mainland Italy before the upcoming invasion of Sicily. First of the Tuskegee Airmen (African-American fighter pilots) shoots down an enemy plane—Lt. Charles Hall in a P-40.

Today in World War II History—July 1, 1943

Recruiting poster for US Cadet Nurse Corps, WWII

75 Years Ago—July 1, 1943: Congress changes WAAC (Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps) to WAC (Women’s Army Corps) effective 9/30/43. Congress creates US Cadet Nurse Corps, which provides a free nursing education in exchange for military service. First All-American Girls Professional Baseball League All-Star Game is played. First night game played at Wrigley Field in Chicago,… Read more »

Today in World War II History—June 30, 1943

US Marines landing on Rendova, 30 June 1943 (US National Archives)

75 Years Ago—June 30, 1943: US Sixth Army, in its first operation, lands main force on unoccupied Kiriwina and Woodlark in Trobriand Islands (Southwest Pacific). US Army and Marines land on Rendova in the Solomons. Depression-Era Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and Works Progress Administration (WPA) are officially disbanded.