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Today in World War II History—Nov. 6, 1942

European-African-Middle Eastern Theater of Operation ribbon, WWII

75 Years Ago—Nov. 6, 1942: US Marines take Koli Point, Guadalcanal. US authorizes three Theater of Operation ribbons—US, Europe/Africa, Pacific/Asia. First WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) report for shore duty.

Today in World War II History—Nov. 5, 1942

Gibraltar, looking toward the Bay of Algeçiras (US Army Center of Military History)

75 Years Ago—Nov. 5, 1942: Vichy French governor of Madagascar officially surrenders to British. Gen. Dwight Eisenhower arrives in Gibraltar, his headquarters for Operation Torch, the Allied landings in North Africa. Songwriter George M. Cohan dies in New York City, age 64.

Today in World War II History—Nov. 4, 1942

Carlson’s Raiders landing at Aola Point, Guadalcanal, 4 November 1942 (US Army Center of Military History)

75 Years Ago—Nov. 4, 1942: British victorious at Second Battle of El Alamein—Germans under Rommel retreat to Fuka in defiance of Hitler’s order. Carlson’s Raiders (US Marines) land at Aola Point, Guadalcanal to harass Japanese behind lines.

Today in World War II History—Nov. 3, 1942

Lockheed Ventura of No. 21 Squadron RAF over IJmuiden, the Netherlands, 13 February 1943 (Imperial War Museum)

75 Years Ago—Nov. 3, 1942: RAF flies first combat mission with Lockheed Ventura medium bombers, over the Netherlands. Hitler orders Rommel not to retreat at El Alamein in Egypt. On Guadalcanal, US Marines take Point Cruz and land at Koli Point.

Today in World War II History—Nov. 2, 1942

Sherman tanks of the Eighth Army speed across the desert as Axis forces retreat from El Alamein, November 1942 (Imperial War Museum)

75 Years Ago—Nov. 2, 1942: In Operation Supercharge at El Alamein, Montgomery’s British Eighth Army breaks German lines. In New Guinea, Australians reoccupy Kokoda and its airfield on way from Port Moresby to Buna, New Guinea. In US elections, future Supreme Court member Earl Warren is elected governor of California. At Bell Island, Newfoundland, torpedo… Read more »

Today in World War II History—Nov. 1, 1942

US Marines cross the Matanikau River on Guadalcanal on a raft ferry in November 1942 (US Marine Corps photo)

75 Years Ago—Nov. 1, 1942: US Marines drive across Matanikau River on Guadalcanal. US ceases production of liquor—warehouses contain a four-year stock. US War Department designates Japanese aircraft with human names, initially with male names for fighters and female for all others.

Today in World War II History—Oct. 31, 1942

75 Years Ago—Oct. 31, 1942: Luftwaffe raid on Canterbury, England, is hampered by British barrage balloons. New York children trick-or-treat during the daytime due to blackout. New song in Top Ten: “When the Lights Go on Again.” Movie premiere of drama Now, Voyager, starring Bette Davis, Paul Henreid.

Today in World War II History—Oct. 30, 1942

British Grant tank moving up to the front at El Alamein, Egypty, 29 October 1942 (Imperial War Museum)

75 Years Ago—Oct. 30, 1942: In Allied convoy SL-125 off West Africa, U-boat wolf-pack sinks six ships; this convoy distracts the U-boats from the approaching convoys for Operation Torch. At El Alamein, Australians push north to the sea, trapping enemy force, most of which escapes west.

Today in World War II History—Oct. 29, 1942

Cpl. Refines Sims Jr., left, and Pvt. Alfred Jalufkamet of the US Army Corps of Engineers meeting in the middle after completing construction of the Alcan Highway, 1942. (US Army Corps of Engineers photo)

75 Years Ago—Oct. 29, 1942: At El Alamein, German troops under Rommel make a heavy attack against Australians on the northern flank. US completes construction of Alcan Highway, connecting Alaska to the “Lower Forty-Eight” (officially opens 11/26).

Today in World War II History—Oct. 28, 1942

RAF No. 223 Squadron Martin Baltimore bombing German landing ground at El Daba, Egypt, Second Battle of El Alamein, 1942 (Imperial War Museum)

75 Years Ago—Oct. 28, 1942: At El Alamein in Egypt, German troops under Rommel form up for counterattack, which is broken up by Allied air attack.