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Today in World War II History—October 28, 1941

Twentieth-Century Fox movie poster for How Green Was My Valley, 1941 (public domain via Wikipedia)

80 Years Ago—Oct. 28, 1941: US Office of Lend-Lease Administration is established under Edward Stettinius. Movie premiere of How Green Was My Valley, starring Walter Pidgeon & Maureen O’Hara.

Today in World War II History—October 27, 1941

US Navy Day poster, 1941 (Bureau of Naval Personnel)

80 Years Ago—Oct. 27, 1941: On Navy Day, President Roosevelt asks Congress to allow the arming of US merchant ships (after USS Kearny torpedoed by U-boat 10/17). German 11th Army breaks through the Perekop Isthmus into the Crimean peninsula.

Today in World War II History—October 26, 1941

First edition cover of Curious George, 1941

80 Years Ago—Oct. 26, 1941: At besieged Tobruk, Libya, Australian troops are relieved by British and Polish troops. Children’s book Curious George is published, written by Margret & H.A. Rey, a Jewish couple who fled Paris in June 1940 on bicycles with the manuscript.

Today in World War II History—October 23, 1941

Gen. Charles de Gaulle of France, 1942 (Library of Congress)

80 Years Ago—Oct. 23, 1941: French Gen. Charles de Gaulle asks French resistance to stop assassinating Nazis, to prevent further reprisals. Nazis massacre 24,000 Jews in Odessa in reprisal for the death of Gen. Glugoscianu the day before. Movie premiere of Disney’s Dumbo.

Today in World War II History—October 22, 1941

Notice of execution of French hostages by the Nazis on 22 October 1941 from 23 Oct issue of L'Œuvre (photo of exhibit in Exposition Métro via Wikimedia Creative Commons, image Expometro GM 2485.JPG)

80 Years Ago—Oct. 22, 1941: In reprisal for resistance assassinations of two German officials in France, the Nazis execute 98 hostages, including 17-year-old Guy Môquet, who becomes a martyr. In Odessa, a time bomb left by Soviets kills 67, including Gen. Glugoscianu, the Romanian (allied with Germans) commander of Odessa.

Today in World War II History—October 21, 1941

Map of US Army Air Corps Atlantic Ferrying and Transport Routes, 1941 (Craven, Wesley F. & Cate, James L. The Army Air Forces in World War II. Volume One: Plans and Early Operations; September 1939 to August 1942, public domain)

80 Years Ago—Oct. 21, 1941: French resistance shoots Nazi administrator in Bordeaux, Maj. Hans-Gottfried Reimers. Pan Am begins DC-3 military air transport services to Egypt.

Today in World War II History—October 20, 1941

USS Hornet (CV-8), late 1941 (US Naval History & Heritage Command: NH 81313)

80 Years Ago—Oct. 20, 1941: Carrier USS Hornet (CV-8) is commissioned under Capt. Marc Mitscher. Germans massacre 2324 Serbian men and boys in Kragujevac in response to partisan killing of ten Germans. French resistance assassinates Col. Karl Hotz, German commander in Nantes.

Today in World War II History—October 19, 1941

Women and elderly men from Moscow digging tank trap outside the city, Oct. 1941 (public domain via United States Information Agency)

80 Years Ago—Oct. 19, 1941: Stalin announces he’ll stay in Moscow, and he declares a state of siege. Germans close Vyazma pocket in Russia, taking 670,000 Soviet POWs.