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Historical Polio

For months, Helen had lain in the county polio ward. No matter how hard she’d concentrated, her legs wouldn’t do what she asked from them, demanded from them, pleaded from them. In my novel Blue Skies Tomorrow, which takes place during World War II, Helen Carlisle deals with many repercussions of a childhood bout with… Read more »

Happy V-J Day!

Sixty-six years ago, on August 14, 1945, World War II came to an end when Emperor Hirohito of Japan signed his acceptance of the Potsdam Declaration demanding unconditional surrender to the Allies. The surrender was announced in the United States at 7pm Eastern War Savings Time. The following day, August 15, was officially proclaimed V-J… Read more »

World War II War Bonds

Wars are expensive. The Second World War cost the United States $300 billion dollars, with the federal budget rising from $9 billion in 1939 to $98 billion in 1945. How was the nation to pay for that? Taxes were increased with an additional 5 percent Victory Tax. To assure payment, on June 10, 1943 the government approved… Read more »

Make It Do – Metal Shortages During World War II

Imagine going to the store and not finding batteries, thumbtacks, alarm clocks, or paper clips on the shelves. During World War II, both metals and factories were needed for military purposes. Ships and planes and jeeps and guns and ration tins and helmets took precedence over civilian products. After the United States entered the war, factories… Read more »

Never Forget

Today we commemorate the 67th anniversary of the D-Day landings. On June 6, 1944, the Allies landed on the beaches of Normandy to liberate Europe from Nazi power. In August 2007, I was privileged to stand on Omaha Beach on a misty, overcast morning not unlike the men faced that historic day. As I stood… Read more »

Sheep in Chutes

Conducting research for historical fiction is usually interesting, sometimes dull, but occasionally yields an odd or funny story. I found this little story while reading The Army Air Forces in World War II, Volume 1: Plans and Early Operations: September 1939 to August 1942 by Wesley F. Craven and James L. Cate (Washington DC: Office… Read more »

Flying in a Fortress

On Monday, May 2, I had the privilege of flying in a B-17 Flying Fortress. The Experimental Aircraft Association (http://www.b17.org/) visited Buchanan Field in Concord, California with their beautifully restored B-17G, Aluminum Overcast. I’ve enjoyed walking through this plane every year and always dreamed of taking a flight. This year one of my readers, who volunteers… Read more »

Happy V-E Day Anniversary!

Sixty-six years ago today, the Allies celebrated Victory in Europe. People went to church and prayed. Bells rang. Parades rejoiced through small towns and cities. The cost of victory was high. Tens of millions were killed in battle. More tens of millions were murdered and starved in concentration camps. And more millions perished as civilian… Read more »

B-17 Flight Video Coming Soon…

View of Mount Diablo from the nose compartment of B-17G Aluminum Overcast I know, I know. I promised to have the video of my B-17 flight posted today. Due to technical difficulties – the difficulty being that I’m not technical – it won’t be up today. But soon. Very soon. Me standing under the chin… Read more »

The B-17 Flying Fortress, Part 2 – Crew

B-17G Shoo Shoo Baby at the US Air Force Museum, Dayton OH USAF Photo Few World War II airplanes have captured the imagination like the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. Today I have the privilege in taking a flight in Aluminum Overcast, the restored B-17 owned by the Experimental Aircraft Association (http://www.b17.org/). This is the second of… Read more »