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WWII_SarahD-Day 70th Anniversary Blog Tour

June 2-13, 2014

Welcome to the D-Day 70th Anniversary Blog Tour! Ten authors of Christian World War II novels are commemorating the brave men who stormed the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944. Thank you for joining us as we remember their heroism and sacrifice.

Our novels illuminate different aspects of the war—from the Holocaust to the Pacific to the US Home Front. Each day, visit with a new author as we share our stories, our research, and our unique settings. With each post, you’ll have the opportunity to win that author’s novel, plus a chance to win a packet of ALL TEN featured novels!

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In Perfect TimeSarah Sundin, author of In Perfect Time

In Perfect Time, which will be released in August 2014, is the third book in the Wings of the Nightingale series, but it stands alone. Flight nurse Lt. Kay Jobson collects hearts wherever she flies, leaving men pining in airfields all across Europe. So how can C-47 pilot Lt. Roger Cooper be immune to her charms? Still, as Kay and Roger cross the skies between Italy and southern France, evacuating the wounded and delivering paratroopers and supplies, every beat of their hearts draws them closer to where they don’t want to go.

In Perfect Time is available for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ChristianBook.com, and Books-A-Million.

Sarah at Marseille's Vieux  Port, with Notre Dame de la Garde in the background.

Sarah at Marseille’s Vieux Port, with Notre Dame de la Garde in the background. (Photo: Sarah Sundin)

France’s Other D-Day

When my family had the opportunity to visit Italy and southern France in 2011, I was doubly delighted. Not only could we tour countries I had always longed to see, but I could conduct research for my Wings of the Nightingale series, which follows three World War II flight nurses in the Mediterranean. The third novel, In Perfect Time, revolves around Operation Dragoon, the Allied invasion of southern France on 15 August 1944, “France’s other D-Day.”

Operation Dragoon is often forgotten, but it was vital to the war effort. The D-Day landings in Normandy had been successful, but the vast motorized Allied armies needed mountains of supplies, which required good ports. When the US Seventh Army landed along the poorly defended French Riviera, Gen. Alexander Patch’s masterful leadership led to swift victory. By the end of August the crucial ports of Marseille and Toulon were in Allied hands, and within one short month of the landings, the Dragoon forces had linked with the Overlord forces, freeing southern France from Nazi rule.

The house we rented in Puyloubier

The house we rented in Puyloubier (Photo: Sarah Sundin)

For our week in Provence, my teen daughter dreamed of ordering a baguette at the boulangerie in her high school French from a handsome, beret-wearing young man (dream dashed – the pudgy middle-aged woman behind the counter pretended not to understand one word she said). Her younger brother dreamed of seeing medieval catapults and trebuchets in action (dream fulfilled!). But I dreamed of seeing historical places and the sites included in my novel.

The airfield at Istres, France.

The airfield at Istres, France (Photo: Sarah Sundin).

One of the sites on my list was the airfield at Istres near Marseille, where the Troop Carrier Groups and flight nurses were based in 1944. This was an important base for flying supplies to the front and for returning with the wounded. Since it’s an active military base, I didn’t expect to get close. To our surprise, we were able to drive right onto the base. We kept driving, kept taking pictures, expecting at any minute to be chased down by an armored vehicle. We weren’t. The field looks generic, but I felt the history, even more poignant because the men and women based at Istres were unsung heroes who didn’t receive – or expect – the accolades reserved for men on the front. But I remember their work, their courage, and their sacrifice.

Eglise St.-Laurent in Marseille, France (Photo: Sarah Sundin)

Eglise St.-Laurent in Marseille, France (Photo: Sarah Sundin)

In my novel, Kay and Roger spend a romantic day in the Vieux Port area of Marseille, so my family traced the route they’d take. While the port would have been crammed with Liberty cargo ships in 1944, colorful sailboats filled the docks in 2011. In World War II, most of the buildings had been razed in the German campaign to flush out French partisans, but modern buildings take their place today. Yet some things haven’t changed—the cathedral of Notre Dame de la Garde high over the city, the fishmongers with their huge trays of fish for sale, the massive stone fortresses at the mouth of the harbor, and a tiny gem of an ancient pink limestone church called Eglise St.-Laurent. All these things worked their way into In Perfect Time.

The beach at Istres, France (Photo: Sarah Sundin)

The beach at Istres, France (Photo: Sarah Sundin)

For the novelist, sensory details help bring the story to life—from the smell of lavender to the thrum of cicadas to the intense turquoise of the Mediterranean to the tang of a good baguette. Even if the baguette is not served by a young man in a beret.

More importantly, visiting these sites made history come to life. The black and white photos popped into color. The numbered military units and arrows on the map became the real-life, ordinary men and women who performed extraordinary feats, freeing the world.

We remember. In gratitude, we remember.

Today’s Question: What is the name of the pink limestone church in Marseille that will appear in In Perfect Time?

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Schedule for the D-Day 70th Anniversary Blog Tour

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June 2: SARAH SUNDIN, author of In Perfect Time

June 3: LIZ TOLSMA, author of Daisies Are Forever

June 4: MURRAY PURA, author of London Dawn

June 5: CARA PUTMAN, author of Shadowed by Grace

June 6: MELANIE DOBSON, author of Chateau of Secrets

June 7: KRISTY CAMBRON, author of The Butterfly and the Violin

June 9: TRICIA GOYER, author of Chasing Mona Lisa

June 10: PATTY SMITH HALL, author of Hearts Rekindled

June 11: CATHY GOHLKE, author of Saving Amelie

June 12: SIGMUND BROUWER, author of Thief of Glory

Sarah Sundin is the author of six historical novels set during World War II, including In Perfect Time (Revell, August 2014). Her novel On Distant Shores is a finalist in the Golden Scroll Awards for both AWSA and the Christian Authors Network. In 2011, Sarah received the Writer of the Year Award at the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference. Sarah lives in northern California with her husband and three children. When she isn’t ferrying kids to tennis and karate, she works on-call as a hospital pharmacist and teaches Sunday school and women’s Bible studies. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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258 Responses to “D-Day 70th Anniversary Blog Tour – Sarah Sundin”

  1. Cathy Gohlke

    Such a fascinating journey, Sarah! Tracing your characters’ steps and including your children in the adventure–trip of a lifetime! I love reading about these unsung heroes–men and women who made all the difference.

    • Sarah Sundin

      Thanks, Cathy! I’m really drawn to the “unsung hero” stories. And I can’t wait to read “Saving Amelie”!

  2. Amanda Geaney

    Sarah, Thank you for sharing your travel adventures. {Christian} Historical fiction is my all time favorite genre because I enjoy learning history through delightful fictional characters. I think it’s wonderful that you use your gift for writing to bring glory to God!
    My husband and I went to France for our 10 year wedding anniversary in 2012. While we went to Paris and Versailles your photos make me want to visit the coast next time. The baguettes and pain au chocolate from the boulangeries were an almost daily treat. I’m convinced that Parisians stay thin because they walk everywhere!
    I purchased “A Distant Melody” but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. I will add “In Perfect Time” to my TBR pile as well.
    I’m following you on twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest 🙂


    • Sarah Sundin

      Amanda – I’m convinced Americans would be a lot happier with more good bread and pastry – and less time in our cars 🙂 How wonderful to spend your anniversary in Paris! What lovely memories!

  3. Terri Wangard

    When I visited the Normandy beaches, I brought a little bit home with me: a film canister filled with sand. It was so peaceful I had a hard time imagining the battle.

    • Sarah Sundin

      It’s surreal being at Normandy, isn’t it? Looking at those bluffs from the waterline – and imagining them brimming with machine guns. Wow. Visiting the beaches was one of the most moving experiences of my lifetime.

  4. Elyssa

    It looks like you had a wonderful time visiting Italy and France, Sarah! The pictures you took are beautiful, and the history behind them is so interesting. =) Thanks for sharing, and for the chance to win!

  5. Connie Brown

    I like the pictures you posted. It is nice to see what the country looks like. I would like to go there some day but It will probably be a while if ever. I enjoy your books and am looking forward to “In Perfect Time.”

  6. Grace Winn

    Love your stories and these pictures are good. I bet you and your family made lots of memories on this trip. Always wanted to visit Italy. Had the chance to visit Paris. Excited about your new book. My Mom and me share your books. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Violetta Davis

    I absolutely love your books. My favorites are definitely the WWII books. I bought some for my mother and the church library also.

  8. Cheyenne

    Your pictures are beautiful. I especially love the one of the beach and the air field and I really love your books. My grandpa served on a hospital ship during World War Two as a Quarter Master. Thank you for sharing

  9. Debbie Troxell

    I am looking forward to reading your new book with my husband! We both enjoy your writing!

  10. Kimberly wallace

    Absolutely love the world war 2 era. My grandmother brought it to life many times for me before she passed away. My grandfather was involved in DAY in Normandy. Received a purple heart but kept fighting. My grandmother waited for him to come back and they were married in 1946. Love these books!

  11. anne

    Your books and posts are captivating, fascinating and interest me greatly since World War 11 era is my favorite for reading and is the most meaningful time period.

  12. Gabrielle Emmons

    That is so cool that you were able to go to France and Italy. I’ve always dreamed of going and touring the D-Day sites. I can’t wait for your book to come out. I love your books!


  13. Jamie Lapeyrolerie

    What a great blog tour! Can’t wait to read the rest. I love France, so it’s always fabulous to see pictures :). I’m working on a post for Friday – I had the chance to be in Normandy for the 60th anniversary. It was pretty incredible!

  14. Heather

    I am intrigued by your novel and have put it on my to read list once it comes out.

  15. Mary Taylor

    Sounds like another great book. Would dearly love to have it.

  16. Sylvia M.

    The name of the pink limestone church is Eglise St.-Laurent .

    I love reading your books, Sarah! Not only are they good romances, but I always come away learning more history. The little bits of everyday fashions, habits and life in the 1940’s is always neat to read about too.

    • Sarah Sundin

      Thanks, Sylvia! Make sure you enter your answer in the main Rafflecopter giveaway on the main blog tour page!!

  17. Vickie Jones

    Love your books, can’t wait, I buy the copy and then read it and share it with my church library. So excited!

  18. amyc

    How exciting for you to travel and visit those places.
    Congrats on the upcoming release!
    Thank you!

  19. Amy Grochowski

    What a treat to see your photos and hear some of the details of your unsung heroes, The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really knew/know about WW2. The enormity of the war is actually lost without the stories of the minor players, I think. I look forward to reading In Perfect Time, I have enjoyed all of your books!

  20. Sarah K

    I love WWII and I am so excited to learn more about the people and things that happened through this blog tour. Thank you so very much!

    Sarah K

  21. John Vickers

    Anything related to D-Day has my attention as my father was one of the civilian engineers that made the Normandy landings possible. He worked on the Mulberry harbors that were needed to break the tide and allow the landing vehicles to operate in calmer waters. They have since washed ashore and the French have left them as a memorial. This last March I visited The D-Day Museum in Southsea UK and found one of my father’s engineers drawings on display with his distinctive handwriting at the bottom. A real “goose bumps” moment!

    Win or not I look forward to reading your books and thank you for the time and effort you obviously put into them.

    • Sarah Sundin

      How wonderful! We saw the remnants of the Mulberry harbors off the coast of Normandy. Such a clever idea – and so helpful.

  22. Tami

    I’m SO looking forward to reading your book. 🙂

  23. Larissa

    I have read all of your books and am eagerly anticipating your new release in August!

  24. Linda

    Interesting post! Thanks for sharing this and your giveaway offer. Looking forward to reading the book.

  25. Brittany

    I love reading WWII era books, especially yours. I have not had the pleasure yet to read the first two novels in the, “Wings of the Nightingale” series. However, look forward to a chance of winning this one and they are all on my to-read list. Thank you for the chance!

    Love all of the covers of each of your books, always beautifully done and eye-catching. Thank you for sharing a bit of your past travels with us readers, I too, hope to one day get the chance to visit France!

  26. Sharon Timmer

    I would love to win a copy of In Perfect Time – my Dad served in WWII so I am always excited to read any books about it. I have enjoyed all of your other books that I have read so far / thanks!

  27. Claudia Davis

    I am so looking forward to In Perfect Time. I enjoyed the first two so much and your other books I’ve read have been wonderful as well.

  28. Colleen Turner

    I had no idea there was a second D-Day landing! I love learning new facts about history and being able to see favorite people and places in history through a different lens. Thanks for this great giveaway!

    • Sarah Sundin

      Isn’t that interesting? There are so many different aspects to this war – I learn something new every day!

  29. Pam K.

    How wonderful to actually be able to visit the places you wrote about! I really enjoyed the first two books in this series so am looking forward to reading In Perfect Time. Thanks for this fun blog tour and the chance to win your book.

    • Sarah Sundin

      Thanks, Pam! It was such a blessing to be able to visit (thanks to hubby’s frequent flier miles!)

  30. Elisabeth Bouma

    I’m looking forward to reading In Perfect Time. I enjoy World War 2 history so reading your books have been very enjoyable. I love how you research historical events and tie them into your books. I had no idea about Operation Dragoon and am interested to learn more about it! Thank you so much!

    • Sarah Sundin

      Thanks, Elisabeth! It was really interesting to learn about. An extremely successful and well-run military campaign – that gets very little attention.

  31. Amanda

    I loved the first two books of the series and can’t wait to read this one. I can’t wait for her story and I love the time period and locations you’ve chose. Thanks for posting about your trip and the photos!

  32. Maxie Anderson

    Hi Sarah. Sounds like you had a very interesting trip. I will only visit these places through my authors. Love the post tho and always learn something new about History. My older brother served in WW ll. Also two brother-inlaws. Cousins and many family friends. All came home but two. I remember the people at home doing all they could in support of the war. This will be a fun tour. Thanks, Maxie

  33. Sharon Sparks

    Sarah, I recently read A Distant Melody, my first of your books, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Since last year, I have been interested in novels set during WWII. It certainly was a different time. People worked hard and had such high morals. My father was a WWII veteran, 29th Division, and he made — and survived — the Normandy invasion. I think reading about that era, reminds me of him and my mother; and my grandparents. He was their only son. I look forward to reading In Perfect Time.

    • Sarah Sundin

      Thanks, Sharon! I’m so glad you enjoyed A Distant Melody. And I’m very glad your father survived Normandy!

  34. Linda Borromeo

    I called to thank my uncle for his service in the Italian Campaign and the liberation of Rome on June 4th–two days before D-Day. It is hard to imagine the intense fighting and the sacrifice of so many brave men. I’m so thankful for the books about WWII that remind us of what the men and women did in WWII to give us the freedom we enjoy today. I’ve read all your books, and look forward to “In Perfect Time.” It is especially meaningful this year.

    • Sarah Sundin

      Thanks, Linda! That was wonderful to thank your uncle. The Italian campaign is neglected in the media and history books, but those men fought hard in very difficult conditions. I’m thankful for his service too.

  35. Linda Cox

    I’m looking forward to reading “In Perfect Time.” I’ve read all of your WWII novels and love them all. Thanks for all you do to tell the stories of the Greatest Generation. My parents were part of it. God bless. Linda

  36. Sara Johns

    I can’t wait to read In Perfect Time! I’ve been eagerly awaiting it since On Distant Shores.

  37. Susan Johnson

    This sounds like a great book. Thank you for a very interesting article.

  38. Rebecca

    I am very excited to read this next book in the series. I loved Georgie and Hutch’s story so much. I love the settings in your books. I feel like I am actually there. so the research trip really helped. You should definitely do another one!

  39. Kerry Darnell

    I’m fascinated with the WWII era & “the greatest generation” who sacrificed everything so we could live the lives we have today. On Memorial Day, my tiny mountain town had a parade ending at the tomb of the unknown soldier in the little old cemetery across from my house. There, I met an elderly vet who I thanked for serving our country. I wish I could explain the look of surprise on his face. His eyes told how touched he was. I was just amazed that someone who gave so much would be so surprised when someone thanked him. He didn’t do it for praise. He did it for freedom. I left in tears.

    • Sarah Sundin

      What a wonderful experience, Kerry! Thank you for thanking him! Even though these men didn’t fight for praise, they deserve our gratitude.

  40. Hannah Petersen

    Thats so cool you were able to visit France!! I absolutely LOVED “With Every Letter” and “On Distant Shores” can’t wait to read your next book in that series!! 🙂

  41. Claudia Blanchard

    Love your books!! Love Stories set in WWII. 🙂

  42. Meghan Gorecki

    SO excited for this giveaway. WWII is my second favorite historical era to read and write about. Second only to the Civil War.
    Sarah, I wondered if you had ever heard of the D-Day re-enactment event every year in August in Conneaut, OH. My family and I went last year and it was fantastic.

  43. Donna Tyler

    Love all your books! I try to get a copy for my local library as well as for myself. Love books written during wartimes.

  44. Jamie Hawley

    Wonderful photos!

    I can not wait for In Perfect Time!

  45. Lis K

    Love learning about some more WWII history…Can’t wait for Kay and Roger’s story!!! Do the young men in France wear berets at all?

    • Sarah Sundin

      [Smiling] I don’t remember seeing many berets 🙂 But it was kind of cute watching my daughter’s romantic fantasy brush up against reality! It happens to us all…

  46. Alicia

    Excited to read In Perfect Time! Looks like another great book 🙂

  47. Linda Morin

    Thought I did this already?!
    Scrolling through replies, noted several other Lindas.
    Question: Anybody know the WII song about a Linda?

    Great site, Sara! L

    • Sarah Sundin

      Hi Linda! You left a comment on the main contest page 🙂 And NO, I don’t know a WWII song about a Linda!! Tell me!!

  48. Catherine Hopkins

    Looking forward to In Perfect Time.

  49. Lara

    I have read your books about the Novak brothers. Looking forward to reading your others! My grandpa was a young man in the USN on the USS Boyle.

    • Sarah Sundin

      Thanks, Lara! Your grandpa served on a destroyer??? How exciting. I’m knee-deep in destroyer research right now!! Amazing little ships.

  50. Kristen Johnson

    I love how you were able to experience the sensory details! Those are things you can’t get from pictures on the internet. Thanks so much! The books sounds so fun 🙂

    • Sarah Sundin

      Thanks, Kristen! I love internet research, but yes – nothing beats being there! I’m blessed to have had the opportunity!

  51. Donna B

    I would love to read these books that you have written! My dad was in the U.S. Coast Guard during WWII.

    • Sarah Sundin

      Thanks, Donna! I’m so thankful for your father’s service. I’ve been reading a lot about the USCG’s role in the war – more unsung heroes!

  52. Andrea Williams

    I love to read books on this period of history. Thanks for the fun tour!

  53. Janna Boersma

    Hey Sarah
    I am so excited for this book to come out! I pre-ordered it like 3 months ago at the Scott’s Parables book store in Red Deer Alberta! I’ll have it right in time for our family camping trip to BC… apparently I’m going to be laying on the beach reading haha
    Thx Janna 🙂

  54. Lynda E.

    Such fascinating history; I’m looking forward to the rest of the blog tour. Thanks for putting it all together and sharing it with us, and thanks for the giveaway, too!

  55. Kristen

    If my high school history teachers had been half as interesting as your books I might’ve come to love history before I was well into my 30’s! That and hadn’t made remembering dates top priority. Thanks for the chance to win In Perfect Time!

    • Sarah Sundin

      I understand. I didn’t like history in school either. Now – ironically – I’m kind of obsessed with dates. But my love for the period came from love of story first.

  56. Peter Mahoney

    Although I was born after the war had ended, I very much consider myself a ‘child of the war’, as it’s lessons colored my upbringing through my dad and my uncles. It is so good to know those lessons are still shared with new readers by current authors.

  57. George Simon

    Sarah, I have read every one of your books and I want to thank you. My mom and dad met in Mobile,AL. Mom worked as a welder in the ship yard and dad was stationed there before he shipped overseas. Thanks for letting me see a little of what their life was like then.

  58. Julia

    Hi! I love your books! World War II is such a fascinating time period and your books give such an interesting perspective on them! I had no idea about the roles of pharmacists or flight nurses and it is just fascinating. I am also very appreciate of the fact that you write such strong female characters. I can’t wait for your new book to come out! 🙂

    • Sarah Sundin

      Thanks, Julia! I hope you enjoy Kay and Roger’s story – now there’s a strong woman 🙂 Of course, I break her a bit…

  59. Sarah Randolph

    I have ALL of your books and they are fantastic. I have read them all and plan to continue doing so with each one you write.

  60. Patrick Cox

    I would love to read this book. I have never read anything in the WWII era.

  61. Jackie Nelson

    I love your books! I can’t wait for the next one to release!

  62. Pamela Caldwell

    My granddaughter is so enthralled with France. Everything is about the scene ray, the food, the lifestyle. I’m going to get her your book for a down to earth prospective.

    • Sarah Sundin

      Thanks, Pamela! Nothing like travel to show both the positives and negatives of other cultures. I found so much to adore in France – and other things drove me batty 🙂 Don’t get me started on doing laundry without a clothes dryer!! I’m far too spoiled by American conveniences!

  63. Corrine Rothfus

    So wonderful to see this D-day blog tour; wonderful information to we never forget. I love reading your books and can’t wait for the next one. (I did not see the e-mail about the contest till this morning, hope I can still participate!)

  64. Deb F

    My husband’s uncle was at on a Navy ship. He was killed at the Battle of Okinawa. I love reading books about WWII era.

    • Sarah Sundin

      Thanks, Deb! I’m so sorry about your husband’s uncle. Navy losses off Okinawa were horrendous!

  65. WendyBrz

    I know you must treasure your time in Europe – my husband was forever changed when his unit got to visit Normandy and some American cemeteries. When he conducted a Memorial Day service at one, the French people came out in droves, still thanking the soldiers all these years later for what we did to save their country. An elderly lady who was a child during the war told them a vividly beautiful story of the saving of a bridge nearby, and how she watched it all unfold.


    so much I could say about your books!! Love the pictures, the stories about all your travels, especially love stories about WW11 and D-Day! This book sounds like it is going to blow the doors off, it is going to be so good!!! Thanks for the chance to win it in the giveaway and best of luck to you in sales. May God continue His blessings on you!!

      • RUTH SMITH

        I always wanted to be an airline hostess but ended up a banker and farm wife instead!..so I love your ” Wings of the Nightingale” series!

  67. Kathryn Voss

    I’m so excited to read your newest!!!

  68. Betti

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    Would love to win your book 🙂

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    Thanks for doing this giveaway and blog tour. I love your books and can’t wait to read In Perfect Time.

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    I’ve been to Marseille! Years ago I spent a week in the French Riviera — primarily Aix-en-Provence. Loved it! I was actually traveling into France via train on the 50th anniversary of D-Day. I was young, very young 🙂

    • Sarah Sundin

      Provence is so beautiful! I’m surprised you can remember ANYthing from when you were that young! 😉

  74. Britney Adams

    What a wonderful blog tour! Thank you for sharing your travels with us. I look forward to reading IN PERFECT TIME!!

  75. Noelle the dreamer

    Thank you for sharing your trip! My family and I made regular ‘pilgrimages’ to these sites. WW 2 seems to be very much in the background at home compared to the US, for reasons of occupation perhaps?
    I am hoping to add In Perfect Time to my shelves of favourites of course and thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.
    P.S. Love the new blog ‘You’!

  76. Tammy

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  77. Melissa Newcomb

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  78. Alyson T.

    I am so excited to find out about you and your books. I love historical Christian Fiction and I really like the WWII setting. It was so important and fascinating. I wish I had known my grandfather, who served.

    • Sarah Sundin

      I’m blessed to have known my grandfather – and that he loved to tell stories. So many veterans couldn’t talk about their experiences – and I don’t blame them.

  79. Linda

    Hmmm, didn’t quite understand what to do with my answer to your question till today…anyway, my answer is Eglise St. Laurent. Sorry about that.

  80. Christina

    I would love to win some of these great titles as I am a historical fiction reader and quite interested in ww2 events and places.

  81. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

    I have read and reviewed the other stories in this series ~ like being there! ~ and am looking forward to Kay and Roger’s story. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  82. Susie

    I look forward to reading this story — I knew a WWII nurse and always thought how brave these women were, to follow the troops into battle zones and care for them.

  83. Amy

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  84. @_eHope

    what an amazing adventure with the added joy of family time!
    delited to have discovered your novel and the entire tour !

  85. Geni W

    I want to thank you, Sarah, for writing these amazing books. They’ve been my favorites every since I stumbled across the first book. World War 2 is such a fascinating era to learn about. I can’t wait for the next book to come out. 🙂

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