Drawn from the Heart by Lisa Bogart – and Giveaway!

Bogart bookAdult coloring books are all the rage – and for a good reason. In our hectic, high-tech times, there’s something comforting and calming in doing something creative. And for those of us who are artistically challenged (yes, me), coloring gives us an outlet.

My talented writer friend Lisa Bogart also happens to be an artist, so I was delighted when Drawn from the Heart was published. Lisa’s fanciful art entices you to pick up colored pencil or ink pen and start playing! But Drawn from the Heart is so much more than a coloring book. A devotion is paired with each coloring page, so the art becomes more than mere relaxation – it becomes a time to meditate on God’s Word and principles. Lisa’s writing encourages you to find the holy in the creative. After all, we’re created in the image of our Creator God – to create!

I purchased two copies of this book – one for myself and one for my artistic daughter, Anna. This past week I’ve been enjoying time each day in the childlike delight of coloring. Anna has also been enjoying the book, and she agreed to share one of her creations. I’ve always loved her artistic eye – although we’re not sure where it came from on the family tree!


Lisa has kindly offered to give away a copy of Drawn from the Heart! If you’d like to be entered in the drawing, please leave a comment below about your favorite creative outlet – or lack thereof 🙂 Drawing ends Thursday, April 14, 2016 at midnight Pacific Time. I’ll announce the winner here on Friday, April 15. US only please.Bogart coloring Anna

61 Responses to “Drawn from the Heart by Lisa Bogart – and Giveaway!”

  1. Raechel L.

    I’ve been wanting to try one of these adult-coloring books for quite a while but haven’t had the chance. It looks fun!
    My favourite creative outlet…writing, and then I love making cards and other paper-things to send to friends. 🙂
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. Jane A.

    So many things! I enjoy knitting prayer shawls for a ministry through my church. I also cross stitch and do scrap booking and card making.

  3. Sue

    Knitting and crocheting have been my creative expressions and relaxation mode since childhood (which is a long time). But, give me a good book and I am in a warm and fuzzy place!

  4. Kimberly Britton

    I love writing. I write scenes from a favorite T.V. show with a friend. It’s a creative and calming outlet.

  5. MS Barb

    I enjoy hand embroidery & quilting–& I play piano!

  6. Sharon Hula

    I see simple 9 patch quilts, make pillow case dresses for a missions group, and just started to a coloring book for adults. This devotional one looks wonderful!

  7. Cindy Clancy

    I love coloring and putting puzzles together. Unfortunately I don’t do any of either write now. But I have some gel pens and colored pencils waiting to be used and would love to try them out on this book :o)

  8. Rachel Rittenhouse

    I just got into adult coloring and absolutely LOVE it! It is such a great opportunity to just relax and let all the stress of school and work evaporate 🙂

  9. Cathe

    I do quiltmaking and make cards and write letters to send by snail mail. I have tried to do Bible journaling but can not draw!

  10. Amy Agno

    I love to color and so does my dauther and I love your books! This would be extremely fun to win!

  11. Nellie

    I enjoy baking as a creative outlet. I also knit and crochet. In the past bc (before children), it was rubber stamping and embossing, counted cross stitch, and sewing.

  12. Marian Anglin

    My outlet would be sewing or needle work but I’ve been wanting to get one of these coloring books and this one would be perfect! Thank you both for all the encouragement you give us. God bless!

  13. Nicole Hundrup

    I love coloring, photography and creating paracord wraps. I love this idea of having the devotional and coloring as one. I would love to get this for my niece since she’s really seeking God and one for myself as well. Thank you for putting this together. God bless!

  14. Tana Ogden-Gee

    My creative outlet is designing my photos with digital enhancements. Digital scrabooking. I woukd like to do it more often but being a busy mom sometimes there is not much time. I also enjoy the coloring books. Love the idea of having a devotion with the coloring. You can meditate on what you are reading while coloring.

  15. Twilla

    My creative outlets would be crocheting and scrapbooking.

  16. Bonnie Traher

    Love reading but also would like to try coloring too.

  17. Deana Dick

    I have Adult Coloring Books popping up everywhere. I have picked them up and looked through them. They are very inspiring , but I have not taken the plunge and bought one. I think it is time I tried one out. My creative out,et is writing reviews. Thank you for the chance .

  18. Betti

    My favorite creative outlet is knitting. I am always working on something. However, coloring was a great enjoyment years ago, and I would love to get back into it 🙂

  19. Lacey Steinhauser

    I do a little crochet and some quilting, but one hobby that makes me feel creative is leather working. If you take a plain hide and tool it and can make it into practically anything. Completing a quilt or dress is rewarding, but completing a leather project makes you feel proud.

  20. Michaela

    My favorite creative outlet would have to be coloring or writing 🙂

  21. Vicki Geslak

    I read, garden, crochet and I love to paint.

  22. Deanna S

    I love to read & make quilts.. coloring is a new hobby for me 🙂

  23. esher

    mostly reading ,playing piano, and my saxophone.

  24. Annette B.

    I love to knit & crochet, but my new creative outlet is making beads & beaded bracelets.

  25. Vanessa Jane

    I was the musician in a family of talented visual artists. Coloring books gave me a way to be “artistic” as well. I never stopped enjoying coloring and am delighted that it has found popularity with adults. My other creative pursuits include studying WWII homefront history, playing piano, and collecting postcards.

    Thank you Sarah and Lisa for offering such an inspirational giveaway!

  26. Haley Alexis

    Crocheting, cooking and card making…oh, and alliteration 😉

  27. Susan Lundblad

    My favorite creative outlets are music (both listening and singing), sewing (preferably quilting) and card making. I love to take photos and turn them into greeting cards.

  28. June S.

    Years ago when I was younger I use to do paint by number paintings for relaxing and taking the edge off.

  29. Marissa

    My favorite creative outlet is actually coloring! I loved it as a child, and have started doing it as an adult. It’s so relaxing!

  30. Pam Collins

    This is a wonderful giveaway. Thanks for offering it.

    My favorite creative outlet is creating something beautiful on the computer – maybe just a new “to do list” for planning or a Bible Study guide. I love being organized and love to change it up once in a while.

  31. Pamela

    I love to scrapbook and to write, especially documenting family history!

  32. Donna Cheatle

    I love that adult coloring is all the rage now! I’ll be honest and admit that it’s something I never gave up. When my kids were little, I was right there with them when they were coloring. As they grew, we just never stopped. There were always coloring books, crayons, pencils, markers, etc in the house and we all used them. My kids are 25 and 30 now and we all still color~

  33. Sharon Schoepe

    I love scrapbooking, cross stitch and coloring

  34. Patty

    I am totally not creative! I Crosstitch every once in a great while and that’s about the extent of my creativity, following a pattern?
    My mother is a talented artist, but none of us kids inherited that gift.

  35. Connie H

    I LOVE quilting….it is quite an obsession for me…and reading!

  36. chickie brewer

    I enjoy doing variety puzzle books and I also like to Crochet and knit.

  37. Jasmine R

    I enjoy coloring and reading! So relaxing. 🙂

  38. Trish

    I enjoy writing poetry and reading. I just started coloring in December, and it is so relaxing! I like to put on oldies music and night and color … perfect way to unwind!

  39. Megan C

    I love cooking and trying new combinations of flavor. I also like to refurbish old furniture, when I have time.

  40. Katie Bellamy

    I love to color! I sit with my kids and it relieves so much stress!

  41. Angelica Dimeo

    I love coloring in coloring books it’s so fun

  42. Liza Vladyka

    i think my outlets are blogging giveaways talking on phone

  43. Melinda Atwell

    I homeschool my oldest two kids and craft often with them and my younger two kids- not very relaxing, though! I really love making freezer paper stencils and creating custom shirts and designs.

  44. Sue Hull

    Im an avid colorer. I do it to relax. Its helps my chronic pain.I love this book! Thank you for the chance 🙂

  45. Lisa Jagodzinski

    I definitely need a creative outlet i used to craft but not lately

  46. Lisa Hart

    Where can I pick up a copy of the coloring book! ?My outlets are Reading, Crosswords, abd coloring!

    • Sarah Sundin

      Hi Lisa! If it isn’t available at your local bookstore, ask them to order it. And of course, it’s available at the online booksellers like ChristianBook.com, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.