Got Idols?

In ancient times, people worshipped idols. They bowed down to chunks of wood or metal fashioned to look like cows or people or birds, trusted in them, and devoted themselves to them.

We laugh at that. We know better.

Or do we? Do we bow down over our computer keyboards, investing our time in celebrity updates, YouTube videos, and Facebook—and say we don’t have time to read the Bible? Do we trust in our abilities, finances, and strength—without asking for God’s guidance? Do we devote ourselves to sports or TV or our latest gadgets—and grumble about tithing and serving?

Idolatry happens whenever we put anything above the Lord. This doesn’t mean we can’t follow our favorite team, meet our friends on-line, or keep an eye on our financial portfolios. God gave us many good gifts—to serve Him, to help others, and yes, for our enjoyment. But whenever anything comes between us and the Lord, we need to watch out.

God designed the laws of nature that allow our technologies. He gave us our abilities and strength. He created the natural resources we use, and provided everything we own. How foolish we are to put the creation above the Creator, how ungrateful to put the gift above the Giver, how arrogant to put ourselves above the One True God.

The prophet Elijah told the idol-worshippers in Israel, “’How long will you waver between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him; but if Baal is God, follow him.’” And when the people saw the power of the One True God, they fell to their faces and cried, “’The Lord—he is God! The Lord—he is God!’” I Kings 18: 21, 39.

Let’s not forget the power and sovereignty of our God. Let’s keep Him first, where He belongs.

2 Responses to “Got Idols?”

  1. Truth4thejourney

    Hi Sarah! I found your blog through The October issue of Christian Communicator. Your article, 10 things to do in 10 minutes was great!

    I enjoyed this post and believe that we do have many electronic idols in today’s culture. I finally gave away our main T.V. but my computer?… Now that’s one electronic that needs to be monitored. I’m glad God uses article’s like this one to gently remind me of the need for boundaries.

    Nice to meet you!

    Sonya Lee Thompson

  2. Sarah Sundin

    Hi Sonya! Glad to meet you too. I’m so glad you enjoyed my article!

    I’m with you – I could easily live without TV, but the computer….

    I justify it as a business necessity, but in reality, you’re right – we need boundaries. Easier said than done though 🙂