How to Carry a Water Bottle and Other Life Lessons

They say never to pray for patience or the Lord will give you trials to build your patience.

Well, I prayed for humility, and the Lord gave me a teenage daughter.

My lovely daughter, Anna, has the insight and wisdom of thirteen long years. If it weren’t for her, I’d never have known the correct way to carry a water bottle. Did you know there was a wrong way? Tragically, I did not.

Once when Anna left her water bottle on the parents’ side of the soccer field, I decided to bring it to her before the game started. I circled the field, savoring the crisp fall day. With each step I took, Anna’s jaw dropped lower and lower.

“Mom,” she cried. “How could you?”
“How could I what? I brought your water bottle.”
“That’s not how you carry a water bottle.”
The neck of the bottle hung between my fingers. Looked good to me.
Anna took it from my hand before I could do further damage. “You were swinging it.”

There you have it. Just when I thought I was still young and hip.

Anna rolls her eyes. She’s good at that. “Mom, no one says hip anymore.”
“I say hip.”
“So, what do you say?”
“We say cool.”
“I say cool.”
Again with the eye roll. “Yeah, but you don’t say it right.”

Yep, she humbles me. Just what I prayed for. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

4 Responses to “How to Carry a Water Bottle and Other Life Lessons”

  1. Andrea

    Giggle….isn’t that the truth. I have learned sooo much about God due to my children. And, God obviously isn’t done teaching me. I wonder what I am going to be learning through James.

  2. Sarah Sundin

    Hi Andrea,

    I’m sure God will teach you a whole bunch through James – but at least boys spare us the fashion critique!


  3. Marissa

    Oops! Too late; I already prayed for patience. (Smiles) Thanks for being a blessing!