Lawn Ornaments and Other Grave Dangers

The other day, I took our yellow lab, Daisy, for a walk. We rounded a corner, and she stopped and raised her front paw in a perfect pointer pose. What snagged her attention? A bird? A cat? Um, no. It was a stone squirrel.

My daughter then told me Daisy once attacked a plastic lawn flamingo. Yanked it from the ground, shook it, and growled at it. Not that I blame her.

Daisy also barks herself silly at the pool thermometer shaped like a frog and was beside herself for weeks when our neighbors erected a dartboard visible from our back yard.

So she overreacts.

On the other hand, at least she notices potential dangers and reacts. Sometimes we allow insidious sins and dangerous attitudes into our lives. We don’t notice. We don’t react.

Do we have stone squirrels of bitterness hunkered in our lives, cold and unyielding? Does the pink flamingo of pride flaunt itself on our front lawns? Does the green frog of envy bob in our pools? Have we erected dartboards of self-pity, wallowing in our victimhood?

So this is a bit silly.

Perhaps. But maybe we should be a bit more like Daisy, keep our eyes open, react to dangers in our lives, and when we find them, yank them out and shake them to bits.

But please leave my garden hose alone. It is not the devil.

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