You can request a booking with Sarah Sundin by submitting the Booking Form. Here are a few suggested questions to use when interviewing the author.

When Tides Turn

  • When Tides Turn is the third release in your Waves of Freedom series, set in the romantic yet tumultuous World War II period. Tell us a little about this story and how the series ties together.
  • What do people tend to think when they imagine the women of World War II? How does the historical WAVES program you write about challenge this view?
  • What made you decide to write about the Battle of the Atlantic?
  • What do you hope readers gain from reading When Tides Turn?
  • What have you enjoyed most about writing the Waves of Freedom series?
  • Tess struggles to be taken seriously on the job, so she tries to transforms herself. Why does she do this? Have you ever tried to transform yourself?
  • In When Tides Turn, Dan is set in his ways and doesn’t want to change, unlike Tess! Did you enjoy writing about his reluctant transformation?
  • Dan places hard work in highest regard, and he rarely rests. This is such an issue in our 24/7 world. Did this story challenge you when you wrote it?
  • Tess is tired of being seen as just a pretty face and longs for people to see beneath the surface. In what ways do women’s looks affect how they’re perceived?
  • What can we expect to see from you next?