You can request a booking with Sarah Sundin by submitting the Booking Form. Here are a few suggested questions to use when interviewing the author.

Anchor in the Storm

  • Anchor in the Storm is the second release in your Waves of Freedom series, set in the romantic yet tumultuous World War II period. Tell us a little about this story and how the series ties together.
  • Your book is set around the WWII U-boat war off the US East Coast, which some readers may not be familiar with. What was most interesting to you about that historical moment?
  • Why did you decide to give your heroine, Lillian Avery, a visible physical disability? In what ways would her life have been more challenging in 1942 than today?
  • Lillian struggles to open her heart to God and to others because of past hurts, but a friendship helps her mature in this area. How have friendships with women impacted your own spiritual and emotional growth?
  • Job opportunities exploded for women in the 1940s because of the draft. What were some of the positive and negative aspects of this explosion? Would Lillian have been able to find a job as a pharmacist in that day otherwise?
  • Lillian’s boss wasn’t thrilled with the idea of hiring a woman, let alone one with a disability. Have you ever faced challenging relationships on the job? How did you handle those situations?
  • How easy is it for women to find too much security or identity in their career?
  • Your leading man, Archer Vandenberg, suffers from combat fatigue, or what we now call post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). How was PTSD viewed and treated during World War II versus today?
  • Have you ever struggled with judging people and lumping them into categories like some of your main characters do in Anchor in the Storm?
  • What are some of the life lessons you hope soak into your readers’ hearts while they’re enjoying Anchor in the Storm?
  • What are a few of your favorite go-to resources for World War II history information?
  • What do you have planned for the third installment in the Waves of Freedom series?