Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference

“How did you get your contract?” “How did you find your agent?” “Where can I meet other writers?” “Where can I learn more about the craft of writing?”

These are questions I hear frequently, and my answer…Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference. Since 2003, Mount Hermon has been one of the highlights of my year. This year the writers conference is March 22-26. You can learn all about the program at Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference.

Here are the benefits…


Every year, Mount Hermon has top-notch faculty. This year, you can take tracks in fiction, nonfiction, articles, internet marketing, storytelling, and the craft, as well as a special track for teen writers, mentoring tracks, and a career track for published authors. In addition, over 40 workshops are offered on a variety of topics.

Over the years, I’ve learned from some of the top names in Christian publishing, and every year I come home with my brain full, inspired to write better.


Nothing beats a writers conference to get to know editors and agents. You have the opportunity to submit directly to them before the conference, hear them speak in workshops and on panels, and even eat lunch and dinner with them, getting to know them as the human beings they are.

My first book contract arose from a direct submission at Mount Hermon to Vicki Crumpton at Revell, and I had the opportunity to chat with her in person. I liked her instantly and knew she was the kind of person I’d enjoy working with. Since I had years to listen to agents and get to know them, I already had a dream agency in mind when I received my contract offer, and I’ve been blessed to be a client of Rachel Kent at Books & Such Literary Agency.

While the ability to pitch and to submit draws a lot of writers (including me), I’ve found getting to know editors and agents was even more valuable in the long run.


Writers are weird. We talk to our characters and stare into space. Meeting other people who engage in similar behavior is liberating! I treasure the friendships I’ve made at Mount Hermon. I’ve met some of my closest and dearest friends there, people who understand the bizarre world of writing and publishing. In 2003, I didn’t realize how great this benefit would be, but my writing friends are a source of prayer, encouragement – and sometimes a needed slap upside the head.


Something about redwoods always brings my heart closer to God. Mount Hermon is the only writers conference that includes redwoods in the package. And that’s priceless.

Every year without fail, I’ve seen God at work at Mount Hermon, and now that’s my greatest joy in attending.

Registration is open! I hope to see you there!

5 Responses to “Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference”

  1. Anne Mateer

    I was there in 2004 and 2005. Such a great place and a great conference. I wish I lived closer so I could go again!

  2. Noelle the dreamer

    You made it sound so good, I only wish I could attend Sarah! For those of us who are unable to go, perhaps you might share more of your experiences there?
    May His light continue to shine upon you,

  3. Joanne Bischof

    How great! I’ll always remember I met you at Mt. Hermon! I remember you winning the award and all the fun afterwards. I was so excited to get a picture with you. I still have it! Feeling melancholy at having to miss this one again. Loved your night owl workshop on historical research.

    • Emily Bergstrom

      I remember that night owl! Lots of AMAZING tips. The bunny trails are some of the hardest parts about writing historicals. The shared experience of those was great

  4. Emily Bergstrom

    My favorite place in the whole world has become Mount Hermon…I’m really hoping that this will be my third year attending. I have to agree that the best part is meeting other odd balls who talk about fictional characters as real people. My best memory is hearing Karen Ball say she sits down to have tea/coffee/iced tea/lemonade with her characters, depending on their personal preferences.