Our Hope Is in Him

Webster’s Dictionary defines hope as “to long for with expectation of fulfillment.” Hope can sustain us through suffering, hardships, and waiting. Without hope, the human soul despairs, gives up, and withers.

However, misplaced hope can lead to profound disappointment. When we place our hope in an improved economy, political change, success, or finding the perfect job or mate, we set ourselves up for disappointment. Continual disappointment can lead to despair, apathy, anger, or cynicism. Sound like our world today?

While it’s fine to want these things and work for them, we must be very careful where we place our true hope—the kind that expects fulfillment.

When Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, He seemed to fulfill the people’s hopes of the Messiah. But even those hopes were misplaced—they longed for a savior who would defeat Rome and establish an earthly kingdom. What Jesus gave them was far greater—a Savior who defeated sin and death and established an eternal heavenly kingdom.

Jesus’ triumphal entry fulfilled prophecies of the Messiah riding in on a donkey, a symbol of bringing peace—not war. His life fulfilled dozens of ancient prophecies, and His resurrection proved His divinity. Jesus has made many promises—to cleanse us from sin, to give us eternal life, to be with us always, and to take us to heaven to be with Him. Our deepest longings will be met. Our expectations will be fulfilled. The Lord alone is truly worthy of hope.

“‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!’ ‘Hosanna in the highest!’” (Matthew 21:9).

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