Pre-Order The Land Beneath Us – And Receive Goodies!

The Land Beneath Us is coming February 4, 2020! My publisher, Revell Books, and I have put together a fun package of goodies for everyone who pre-orders a copy (or has already done so) and enters by February 3, 2020!

You can pre-order at your local bookstore or online (find links here). Any version counts, including e-books and audio books!

As my thanks to you for pre-ordering The Land Beneath Us (Book 3 in the Sunrise at Normandy Series), you will receive:

  • The Land Beneath Us zipper pouch! (ONLY for the first 100 people who enter!) NOTE: As of January 7 at 9 am, ALL have been spoken for! So sorry! But the remaining goodies are still available…
  • A downloadable map showing the sites in the Sunrise at Normandy series.
  • A downloadable poster of a poem written by Leah Jones, the book’s heroine!
  • Downloadable bookmarks with bookish quotes from The Land Beneath Us!
  • A signed customized bookplate
  • The Land Beneath Us Bookmarks
  • Postcards

Pre-order goodies for The Land Beneath Us! (Zipper pouches already all gone!)

To receive your goodies, pre-order your copy of The Land Beneath Us—or find your confirmation number if you’ve already done so! Then contact me at sarahsundin10@sbcglobal.net with the following information (you can copy & paste this list into your email):

  1. Name:
  2. Mailing address:
  3. Where did you pre-order The Land Beneath Us?
  4. Order confirmation number:
  5. Would you like bookmarks? How many?
  6. Would you like postcards? How many?
  7. Would you like signed bookplates? To whom would you like them autographed?

Note: I reserve the right to limit quantities of bookmarks & postcards mailed to addresses outside the US.

Offer ends February 3, 2020, so don’t wait! By pre-ordering, you’ll receive the book first—and you create interest in bookstores that helps the book succeed.

4 Responses to “Pre-Order The Land Beneath Us – And Receive Goodies!”

  1. Lucinda Hyatt

    Thank you for your great books and all the work you put in to provide accurate historical accounts.