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Sentimental Journey: Looking to the Past, Strengthening the Present

For couples’ events. What modern couples can learn from World War II era couples. Although 1940s couples endured many hardships, they endured through community, commitment, and communication.

Rosie the Riveter and Friends: Lessons from the 1940s Woman

For women’s groups. The World War II era was a fascinating time for women. They took new jobs in the military or in factories, they volunteered on the Home Front, and they lived by the motto, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” Using the posters of World War II, we’ll explore how women dealt with these great challenges, and we’ll be inspired by their commitment to work, community, home, and the Lord.

Blessed Are...Encouragement from the Beatitudes

For women’s groups as a weekend retreat or as a workshop. In the Beatitudes, Jesus paints a startling portrait of the Christian character which stands in stark opposition to what is valued in modern American society. In these sayings, we find strength to become the women Jesus wants us to be. We find encouragement to endure life’s difficulties. And we find the way to encourage our friends, binding us together as sisters. Together, let’s explore God’s shocking blessings.

Diapers and Dreams

For Mothers of Preschoolers or similar groups. You’re a mom! For most women, that’s the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. But you don’t stop being YOU, with your personal dreams and interests. In this workshop, we take a look at our dreams and discuss practical tips on what to do with them when you have little ones at home.

Shoving off Shame

For women’s groups. How to rise above shame and live the life God intended for you. Shame is the voice in our heads saying, “I’m a horrible person. I’m not worthy. God could never use me,” and it’s one of Satan’s favorite—and most effective—weapons to incapacitate us. We’ll look at how God doesn’t want us to live under a heavy cloak of shame because Christ redeems us, covers us, and restores us. Plus we’ll look at tools for shoving off shame.

In God's Waiting Room

For women’s groups as a weekend retreat or as a workshop. All of us go through seasons of waiting in life. In fact, waiting seems to be one of the Lord’s favorite teaching methods. While we sit in God’s waiting room, we can let the Muzak get to us and give way to fear, doubt, and despair, or we can flip through God’s Magazine and learn how to trust Him, seek Him, and live in hope. Together we can allow the Lord to turn waiting from trial to triumph.

Through the Storm

For women’s groups. Storms in life are inevitable. They pound you, wear you down, toss you around, and threaten to drown you. The apostle Paul faced many life storms before facing a literal storm at sea in Acts 27. We’ll look at Paul’s thrilling sea adventure, which offers practical principles for dealing with the storms of life.

Simplify Christmas

For women’s groups. Does Christmas bring more stress than joy? More chaos than peace? We’ll look at the reasons to simplify our holidays and some practical tips for doing so. Let’s move from pressure, guilt, comparison, and debt to a true celebration!