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Lessons from the 1940s – Don’t Lose Heart

British poster, 1942

In 1940, things looked bleak in the United Kingdom. Hitler had swallowed up Poland, Norway, Denmark, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. In July, the Battle of Britain began as the Luftwaffe began attacking British shipping. In August the target shifted to the RAF, and by September 6, the British had lost 466 planes. Then… Read more »

The British Royal Family in World War II

Princess Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth, Winston Churchill, King George VI, and Princess Margaret on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, London, 8 May 1945 (US Army photo)

During World War II, King George VI sat on the throne of England, with Queen Elizabeth at his side—better known to modern generations as the “Queen Mum.” King George VI was crowned in Westminster Abbey on May 12, 1937, at the age of 41, after the controversial abdication of his older brother King Edward VIII…. Read more »