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Pharmacy in World War II: The Military

A WAVE and three enlisted pharmacist's mates working at a lab bench, 1943. (US Naval History & Heritage Command)

In my novel Anchor in the Storm, which released May 3, 2016, the heroine, Lillian Avery, serves as a pharmacist in a drugstore in Boston during World War II. As a pharmacist, I found much about my profession has changed, but some things have not—the personal concern for patients, the difficult balance between health care and… Read more »

Pharmacy in World War II – The Military

Pharmacy at Percy Jones General Hospital, Battle Creek, Michigan While researching the military medical system for my World War II novels, I read about physicians and nurses, dentists and veterinarians. But where were the pharmacists? In the civilian world, the physician prescribes medication, the pharmacist purchases, compounds, and dispenses, and the patient or nurse administers…. Read more »