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Lessons from the 1940s – Labor Counts

On Labor Day I thought it was appropriate to honor the vital role of production in the Allied victory in World War II. The United States was well situated to become the “Arsenal of Democracy.” Other than a few random bombings from Japanese submarine-based planes and shellings from submarines, America was free from damage. The… Read more »

Taming Time – Practical Tips to Increase Writing Productivity

Today I’m guest blogging over on Novel Journey on time management for writers: “Taming Time – Practical Tips to Increase Writing Productivity.” Herd up goals! Corral blocks of time! Lasso the internet! Harness time snippets! Yee-haw? Okay, so I shouldn’t write westerns. Anyway…here’s the link to the article: http://noveljourney.blogspot.com/2011/01/taming-time-by-guest-blogger-sarah.html