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Book Beat – Proof by Jordyn Redwood

Health care professionals often wince at medical inaccuracies in novels, but I knew I wouldn’t have that problem with Jordyn Redwood’s debut novel, Proof. I became acquainted with Jordyn when she started Redwood’s Medical Edge, a blog devoted to helping fiction writers get medical facts straight for their stories. Her seventeen years’ experience in critical care… Read more »

Medications in World War II

Last week I was a guest blogger on Redwood’s Medical Edge, a wonderful blog on medical topics for writers, posting a three-part series on medications in World War II. In Part 1, I discussed general principles of medication use in the 1940s – generic/brand names, dosage forms, administration, and measurements – all very different than… Read more »

World War II Army Nursing

During World War II, nurses were needed as never before, and tens of thousands of young women stepped forward to serve their country. They served in stateside hospitals, frigid Alaska, Pacific jungles, muddy North Africa, malaria-infested Sicily and Italy, and on the beaches of Normandy. They cared for the wounded and soothed the dying. This… Read more »