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Sweet Cranberries by Sherry Kyle

Sweet Cranberries by Sherry Kyle

Amanda Richards has a going-nowhere job and a nosy mother determined to marry her off. So when her aunt and uncle ask Amanda to take over their beloved Blue Crab Café, Amanda leaps at the chance at a fresh start – and on her favorite island of Nantucket. But the changes she wants to make… Read more »

Forever Yours This Christmas by Sherry Kyle

Forever Yours This Christmas by Sherry Kyle

Amy Carrington adores running her consignment store, a favorite shopping spot in her small town of Winterberry. But her business is threatened when Sunshine Builders decides to build townhomes on the vacant lot Amy’s customers use for parking. At a benefit dinner, Amy ends up dancing with a handsome stranger – not realizing he’s Wes… Read more »

Capture Me, by Sherry Kyle

Capture Me, by Sherry Kyle

Ashley Stevens loves her job as a veterinary technician, the family who adopted her, and her boyfriend Bryan—if only he’d propose!—but something is missing. While making scrapbooks for her grandmother, she discovers a childhood photograph of herself with a toddler who looks just like her. Who is the little girl? And why won’t her family… Read more »

True Heart Girls Devotional: God’s Promises for Me! by Sherry Kyle

True Heart Girls: God's Promises for Me! by Sherry Kyle

Do you have a tween girl in your life? I have a hunch she’d love to make friends with Lauren, Emily, Brianna, Jessica, and Savannah – the True Heart Girls! Sherry Kyle‘s new book, True Heart Girls Devotional: God’s Promises for Me!, features stories about these five girls. The True Heart Girls deal with family,… Read more »

Book Beat – Road to Harmony by Sherry Kyle

Road to Harmony by Sherry Kyle

A cattle rustler is wreaking havoc in California’s Harmony Valley, but the last thing Elena Seifert expects to find in her trap is her childhood love, Jonas Bollinger. After Jonas abandoned his family farm to chase his dreams, Elena made the best of things, helping her parents on the dairy farm and with her mentally… Read more »

Book Beat – Love, Lexi by Sherry Kyle

Lexi Cooper is an ordinary twelve-year-old girl, which she hates! She’s a middle child in middle school. She hates her hair, squabbles with her moody older sister and annoying little brother, and has a long-time crush – and a snooty rival. Lexi wants to stand out for once, but her efforts land her in hot… Read more »

Book Beat – Girl’s Guide to Life

Being a tween girl isn’t easy. Family! Friends! School! Food and exercise! Wouldn’t it be great to have a guide? The Girl’s Guide to Life is a delight. Sherry Kyle comes alongside tween girls with a warm, upbeat voice, like your fun aunt or your friend’s mom, who is way cooler than your mom. Girls… Read more »

Watercolor Dreams Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to everyone who came by to celebrate the release of Sherry Kyle‘s charming historical romance, Watercolor Dreams – you can read my review HERE. All those beachy-keen comments made me long for surf and sand! Now for the winner of Watercolor Dreams…it’s Raechel (at God’s Peculiar Treasure)! Raechel, I’ll email you and Sherry… Read more »

Book Beat – Watercolor Dreams by Sherry Kyle & Giveaway!

What do you do when everything – and everyone – seems to get in the way of your dream? In 1910, in the beautiful beach town of Carmel, California, artists congregate. Anna Lewis works as a nanny to two mischievous boys, but only until she can start selling her watercolor paintings. While Anna is painting… Read more »

Giveaway Winner – The Girl’s Guide to Your Dream Room

Thank you to everyone who commented on my review of Sherry Kyle’s The Girl’s Guide to Your Dream Room. I randomly selected a winner of the giveaway copy, and the winner is Anonymous with a kzavala email address. I’ll contact you for your mailing address.